10 Hottest Bali Models You Need To Know About in 2021

23 December 2020

bali model indonesian girls putri cinta2

This is a hot selection of Indonesian girls based in Bali that you need to know about. They are often posting steamy model photos on their instagrams and facebooks in lingerie and bikinis. 

I choose these 10 exotic bali girls in particular as they are not shy to show of their stunning bodies, wearing sexy tropical outfits and putting themselves out there. And I support that! Some models on this list regularly publish naked, semi-nude and topless photos, but none are pornstars. I also didn’t include girls who are prostitutes either. Enjoy this list of stunning bali babes: 

  1. Shei – www.instagram.com/sheiziss
Sheiziss Bali model Putri Cinta 2021

2. Tita Sahara – www.instagram.com/titasahara_

Tita Sahara bali model putri cinta 2021

3. Putri Cinta – www.instagram.com/putriwithlove

putri cinta bali model indonesian 2021

4. Erzabel – www.instagram.com/erzabelx

erzabel bali model putri cinta indonesian 2021

5. Ginamoon – www.instagram.com/gina_moon20

gina moon20 bali model putri cinta 2021

6. Lily Brown – www.instagram.com/lili_brown95

lili brown95 bali model putri cinta 2021

7. Kiana – www.instagram.com/kianabrw

kianabrw bali model girl putri cinta indonesian 2021

8. Annastasya Hakim – www.instagram.com/annastasya.hakim

annastasya.hakim bali model girl putri cinta indonesian 2021

9. Ana Foxy – www.instagram.com/ana_foxy_

Ana foxy bali model putri cinta indonesia 2021

10. Yunica Kristina – www.instagram.com/icha_peachy

icha peachy bali model putri cinta 2021
Yunica Kristina

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