The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 1

18 December 2020

putri cinta secret diary of a nude model ep1 artwork airplane cover
As we soared above the fluffy white clouds, I smiled. Here I was; following my dream, far away from home, just touching down in Singapore. It was a euphoric feeling. Here I would spend the next three days shooting erotic photos and video scenes with a prominent photographer for a well-known adult website. Jay, the photographer who I’d be working with, was waiting for me as I got off the plane and waved once he saw me. I had actually never met Jay before. All our prior communication had been done via phone and as I walked towards him, I realised how different he was to how I’d initially pictured him.

He smiled at me as I descended the airstair and motioned for his chauffeur to help me with my luggage. A strong aura of sophistication and luxury hung in the air. He was chicly dressed: branded Louis Vuitton t-shirt, matching shorts and a shiny, vintage Rolex timepiece on his left hand. He stepped forward and welcomed me with a tight hug as his chauffeur loaded my bags into the sleek Mercedes behind him.
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