15 Ways to Make Sex with a Condom Better
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You know what, initially; I was reluctant to have sex with a condom because I thought it just reduces the pleasure element quite a bit. If you have the experience of having sex with and without a condom, you will realize what I am trying to imply. However, I should also stress the fact that I knew the importance of using condoms when it comes to safe sex. So, whenever I used to have sex with my partner, he used condoms. But, if you ask me whether I liked it or not, the answer would be a blatant ‘NO’.

However, I did some things which made with a condom much better than I ever thought it would be. I was startled to see that very few people are talking about this on the internet. Yes, people, sex with a condom can feel great if you do it correctly. I know most of you use it because you have to for safe sex. But, if you use the condom the way I will tell you in this article, then you will use condoms during your sex happily because it will not take the pleasure away from your sex life.

Now, the question is how you can use a condom during sex to make you feel better. Well, in this article, I will give you 15 tips on using condoms during sex which will enhance your experience for sure. Hello, I am Putri Cinta and here are the 15 ways to make sex with a condom better.

1.   Dropping a Little Bit of Lube inside the Condom

Most people don’t understand this but dropping a little bit of lube inside the condom before using it can make sex more pleasurable. Yes, sometimes, things can go wrong if you don’t use lube. You might think that you don’t have to use lube as the condom is already lubricated. But, that is a wrong approach. A few drops of lube inside the condom can make sex more pleasurable. 

2.   Change the Texture of the Condom at Times

I know a lot of people use the same texture of condom time and time again. This is the wrong thing to do. It will make your sex life boring. Nowadays, you will find condoms in the market that are designed to give your pleasure. It helps you to have better sensations in your penis. Thus, I would suggest you try those condoms as they can help you find the true pleasure of sex.

3.   Place the Condom Naughtily

Here comes the role of the partner in making sex with condoms better. Now, you might think that one partner (who is using the condom) will have to take the onus of making sex condoms better. But, the other person can share the responsibility as well. The other person can place the condom in a naughty way that will make the one using it more confident and perform better which will elevate the pleasure of both the partners.

4.   Remove the Bad Memories of Using Condoms

I know that some of you have bad memories of using condoms. Yes, sometimes, you might face situations where you had troubles because of using condoms. But, you have to remember that it is necessary to use condoms just for sheer safety. So, it is better for you to forget those bad memories that you had because of using condoms and focus on how you can improve your sex life while using them. As I can see, you are already on that path and that is why you are reading this article minutely.

5.   Change the Definition of Pleasure

Some people have this ‘so called’ definition of pleasure that they use in sex. They think that while having sex, they will not use condoms and only then, they will find true pleasure. But, you have to also remember the consequences of not using condoms. If anything wrong happens, will that pleasurable for you anymore? Think about it before you have any assumptions about pleasure in sex.

6.   Choose the Right Size of the Condom

I have seen many people who don’t have any idea about the size of condoms. So, quite naturally, they don’t know which size would fit them. So, they buy any size that they get in front of them. So, when they use the condom, they struggle to find the pleasure they seek. It is wrong because you should know your size and then choose a condom accordingly. Only then, the condom will fit properly in your penis and you will have the penile movement inside the vagina that you always want during intercourse.

7.   Use a Thin Condom for More Pleasure

In your quest for pleasure by having sex with condoms, do you know that thickness plays a major role? I am sure you never gave a thought to this but it is true. The thicker your condom is the less pleasure you will experience while having sex. However, with a thick condom, you can last longer than usual. But, if pleasure is what you seek while having sex by using condoms, then you should always use a thinner condom. You will experience more pleasure but remember, such thinner condoms can also break easily, so, be careful.

8.   A Non-Latex Condom Can Be a Good Choice

You will be wondering why non-latex condoms. The reason is I have noticed many people have allergies while they come in contact with latex. So, when they use a latex condom, they will have irritation and if your partner has the same, she will look at you with an annoying face. You don’t want that, right? So, for those allergic people, using non-latex condoms can be a great solution as you will not have to see such an annoying face anymore.

9.   Use the Foreplay Time to Turn Her On

I know some people that the tendency to jump the gear and go straight to intercourse without giving too much importance to the foreplay. But, you know how important foreplay is while having sex. It just lays the foundation for your intercourse. You and your partner will be wet below the waist at the end of foreplay and you two will have pleasurable intercourse after that. So, when you jump the gear and use condoms, your partner will not feel the pleasure. Actually, the experience will be the opposite of pleasure. So, even if you are using condoms, make sure you give time to your foreplay before heading for the banging.

10.                 Learn How to Wear a Condom Properly

It may sound astonishing but it is true, many people still don’t know how to wear a condom properly. But, you have to learn it. You can just leave it and say, “Nay, I won’t use it as I don’t know how to wear it.” It is an important part of safe sex which you should always practice. You have the internet, probably the largest source of information. You will find lots of contents on the internet from where you can easily learn how you can use condoms. So, take your time and learn it as it can change your sex life and make it much better.

11.                 Use Condoms Consistently

As you know, if you do something consistently, it will become a habit for you. So, if you feel uncomfortable while using condoms during sex, you need to use them rightly and consistently. Only then it will become a habit and you will enjoy using condoms during sex.

12.                 Condoms Can Make You Last Longer

Yes, it is correct, and if you don’t think it’s true, try a thicker condom next time. You will see that you are lasting much longer in bed. Although you might get lesser sensations in your penis, still, you will last longer and give more pleasure to your partner. So, if you are suffering from premature ejaculation problem, try a thicker condom.

13.                 Girls Mostly Admire Men Using Condoms

Girls like to be with men who care for them and as a girl, I can surely tell you that. Using condoms during sex is a sign that you care for the girl. A girl may see things in this way. So, you will surely get admiration from her because you cared for her safety.

14.                 An Easy Way to Avoid Getting Pregnant

If don’t use condoms, the chances of pregnancy get higher. So, in case you don’t want a baby just yet, you should use condoms because it is a very easy way of avoiding pregnancy. It is also one of the reasons why you should be using condoms during sex.

15.                 Makes Cleaning Up Easier after Sex

Sex is all about pleasure until the climax, you know this very well. The cleaning up job after sex is a bit of hard work. But, it is necessary to avoid health complications. But, do you know that using condoms will also make your post-sex clean up job quite easy and hence, you should use condoms.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you are reluctant to use condoms during sex, I would highly suggest you follow the tips I have given in this article. You will surely find positive results and sex with condoms will become more pleasurable for you. As you know, it is important to use condoms during sex. So, don’t neglect it because sex without condoms can create complications.

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