The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 10

putri cinta secret diary nude model ep10 art2

Saturday, December 27

The handsome hunk lying on top of me let out a loud groan and I felt a seeping warmth inside me a few seconds later. He had been ramming mercilessly on my g-spot for the last six minutes and I was almost passing out from the intense pleasure. He got up and I immediately took the cue and positioned myself under him, squatting in front of his massive cock. I wrapped my lips around his throbbing member and as I swallowed the last drops of the hot fluid, my mind wandered to how I had met him that afternoon.

A few hours ago, I had been sunbathing in a beach just near our hotel at Tulum. I had just had a cold swim and was enjoying the feel of the midday sun on my skin. I lay there dressed in a black one-piece swimsuit and a pair of dark sunglasses that hid my wandering eyes, sipping occasionally from my mojito-filled glass. That was when I saw him.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 9

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Saturday, December 20

My phone buzzed and a notification from Kira lit up the screen. Kira was a close friend of mine and although we had met barely two weeks ago, we had grown extremely fond of each other. She had recognised me at the hotel I was staying at and approached me instantly, telling me that she had been a massive fan of mine. She’d been thrilled that she was sharing a hotel with me and was extremely excited to have met me. Since then we had gotten along quite well and had even grown to be good friends.

Are we still on for today? The text message read.

One of the things that had instantly bound me and Kira together was our common love for adventure and travel. She herself was a turista from the United States, a student of Photography & Arts at the university who was here on vacation. Unlike me, this was not the first time she was visiting Mexico so she wasn’t quite a stranger to the areas. She’d accompanied me on some of my strolls around the city, showing me around as she was much more familiar with the country than I was. I admired how genuinely enthusiastic she was about the beauty and how deeply she appreciated all the sights and memories she made. She’d been planning to visit El Cuyo and had suggested that I should go with her. Since I was not at all busy over the weekend, I’d been more than happy to accompany her.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 8

putri cinta secret diary of a nude model ep 8 little caprice art 3

My experience in Tulum so far had been spectacular. We had touched down in Mexico a week ago, accompanied by my agent Marcus and my production team, a crew of three talented and hardworking individuals who usually helped me create and document content for my website and social media. I had spent the week strolling round the town, taking in all the beautiful sights and capturing lots of pictures for my Instagram profile with the help of my able team. We would be here for the next two months, shooting across the country with various photographers and agencies and I was determined to milk every drop of fun from my trip.

My pictures and videos were generating quite a buzz online and I loved the response I was getting; I was receiving thousands of direct messages per day, mostly from admirers and fans, and sometimes from prospective clients. One particular message caught my eye; a request to link up from model and porn star Little Caprice. At the time I received her message, I did not know who she was but after reviewing her profile, I found out that she was a well-established and popular model in the adult industry. She had gone through my profile, seen my location-tagged pictures in Mexico and wanted to work with me. Apparently she would be visiting Tulum in a few days and perhaps we could link up and create some content together.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 7

putri cinta secret diary nude model ep7 artwork 1

Saturday, December 6

Today I would be shooting a video and photoset for my website with my best friend Rebecca. We were supposed to shoot a bathtub scene which would end up with both of us getting naked and extremely wet. Honestly I was feeling a little nervous. Not that I had never seen her naked before; Rebecca and I saw each other nude all the time. And I had done lots of erotic videos since my trip to Thailand, I should have been used to this by now.

And many more were coming. The ‘big’ deal that Marcus had gotten me involved a trip to Mexico, to not only shoot with Playboy but also with Met Art. We would be leaving on Monday and I was already excited, anticipating the trip and upcoming adventures.

This morning Rebecca and I had visited the beach and taken some raunchy selfies while playing in the sand. I felt extremely sexy in my oversized, colourful t-shirt that was knotted to show off my flat tummy and a pair of ass-hugging Bermuda wrap shorts while Rebecca was dressed in a pink two-piece swim suit underneath a see-through crotchet skirt and shirt. We looked and felt like princesses, and we were sure our Instagram fans would agree. Later on, we went for lunch at our favourite local restaurant just near the location of the afternoon shoot. We ate in silence, my mind choosing to reminisce over the events that had happened since my trip to Thailand.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 6

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Sunday, November 2

The thought of flying back to Bali had me feeling drained and a little downcast. The week in Thailand with Ellis had been incredible but unfortunately, it had come to an end. We had danced on the beach, played in the water, kissed under the moonlight and laughed under the stars. We had enjoyed each other’s company fully, painfully aware of the fast approaching end but choosing to immerse ourselves in the moments we shared together.

But the moment we had all been dreading was finally here. The goodbye. Had it been up to me, I would never have chosen to leave. I would have stayed here in this perfect utopian world Ellis and I had created in that single week and created many more beautiful memories.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t my decision to make. My agent, Marcus expected me to be in Bali by today afternoon as I had an early morning photoshoot tomorrow. He had managed to secure me some huge deal with a big modelling agency; ‘the biggest I had ever worked with’, according to him.
He’d broken the ‘big’ news to me last night and was a bit worried when he didn’t sense the enthusiasm in my voice. I knew that I should have been a bit more enthusiastic but I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe later, it would hit me just how big the opportunity was but as for now, my heart was heavy.

The most difficult part was the final hug at the airport at the boarding gate. Ellis and his friends, Brad and Collins, who I’d gotten quite fond of had escorted us to the airport to bid us goodbye and were just as sad that we were leaving. I held Ellis tightly, not wanting to let go and he locked his arms around me even tighter, my tiny body well tucked in his bulky arms. In his final words just before we got on the plane, he spoke of visiting me in Bali soon enough and I banked on his reassurance, unable to imagine that this was the last time I would ever see him.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 5

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Monday evening, October 27

I ran around the room in my little black G-string, completely nude from the waist up, trying to decide what to wear for the evening. Indah and Siti sat on my bed unbiasedly judging every one of my outfits, as best friends usually did. We were preparing to go for Ellis’ party over at his villa and I wanted to look effortlessly impressive. Which, ironically was taking me a lot of effort to pull off. I eventually settled on a light blue skin-tight dress that clung so tight to my body that is left nothing to the imagination. It didn’t go over my shoulders, but instead wrapped around my body just over my breasts. And it was short, finishing just after the curve of my bum. I wasn’t wearing a bra with the dress so the outline of my nipples were pushing through the dress. The light blue colour against my dark skin looked sexy and also made me looked even more tanned and my teeth even more white. I debated whether or not to wear underwear as the outline of the pants doesn’t look so good. I pulled on some white heels to go finish the outfit. It scored some approving nods from my strict judges and after a final look in the mirror, we stepped out of the house.

Indah was wearing a matching flowery crop top and skirt set, that looked hot on her small perky breasts, and Sita had opted for a White bikini top with a white short skirt. We were all looked smoking hot. Sita had got on well with Ellis’ friend Jake today on the beach and was asking us what we thought of him.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 4

Putri Cinta The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model Ep4 cover art

Monday, October 27

I sat there and thought about how much I loved my life at the moment. I was really enjoying the modelling jobs I had done so far and I had a feeling that it would only get better from there. My personal website was up and starting to generate a bit of traffic and income which was great as well. My parents and siblings back home were doing amazing thanks to the upkeep money I managed to send them once in a while. My Instagram was flooded with DMs, mostly compliments from guys and girls alike. I was now over Leo and although I still thought about him once in a while, I’d allowed that part of my life to remain in the past. I had met and created two amazing friends; Indah and Siti while at a local photoshoot in Bali. I stopped and remembered the trio I’d met in Hong Kong; Ciara, Daisy and Rita, and smiled. Those girls sure knew how to make the most out of life and have fun while at it. I missed them a lot and made a mental note to hit them up if I would ever be in Hong Kong again.

I looked out to my newly found gang taking selfie’s in the beautiful clear ocean that emptied out into the Gulf of Thailand. Here I was, in one of the many tropical beaches off of Koh Samui, enjoying the sun and the company of my amazing friends. It had been a rather spontaneous decision; to take a vacation and everyone had agreed that we needed one. See; my gang was awesome. We made spontaneous fun decisions like that. And our jobs could easily accommodate for that; in fact, my agent Marcus had been happy to give me the week off. We’d flown the previous day, booked a 3 bedroom villa up on the steep hillside in Koh Samui, with a beautiful infinite pool and today, we’d spent the entire first half of the day at the beach.

It was now midday and the Thai sun was getting hotter by the minute. But what I found even hotter were the scores of shirtless guys I saw on that beach: all kinds of guys; skinny guys, muscular guys, tourists, natives, old men, young men. My goodness. Such a beauty to behold. I particularly found myself eyeing a group of guys, who sounded American, who had set their towels down on the beach close to our patch. They all had great toned bodies, and tight swim shorts. Oh, the things I’d let them do to me. My mind drifted for a moment but I was brought back by the sight of Indah vigorously waving her arm at me from the crystal blue sea. I realised she had been trying to get my attention for a while but I had been so caught up in my daydream that I hadn’t even noticed. They wanted photos of us all together for instragram, and they wanted me to join them. I got up and stripped off my sexy see-through kimono that was more aesthetic than functional and dark sunglasses, lay them on the ground near the other girls’ items then joined them in the shall ocean. I was wearing a hot pink micro-bikini that was g-string at the back and the top was only big enough to cover my nipples. I liked to show off my natural brown skin colour. As I got up and bounced down the beach, I could see out the corner of my eye the group of guys all watching.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 3

putri cinta secret diary of a nude model episode 3 Cover

Tuesday, 13th August

I turned my gaze to my left and watched as my agent, Marcus, struggled to keep his eyes open. Poor Marcus; he must have been exhausted. He had been my agent for two months now and he was doing an excellent job at it. I admired how hard he worked to secure modelling bookings for me and how well connected he was and I really appreciated his efforts. He’d gotten me many contracts all over the world and had been a huge factor in my growth. I chuckled as his head fell forward and almost hit the driver’s seat in front of him before he awoke and straighten up.

I turned back to take in all the sights outside my window. Ever since we’d touched down at the airport that morning, I’d enjoyed every minute in Hong Kong. I was particularly fascinated by its architecture, and the extremely tall modern buildings. I drank in all the new sights and feelings. It was now midday and we were en route to the location for the photoshoot for a adult website that Marcus had managed to secure me a deal with just last week. We would only be there for a day and would be on a flight back to Bali tomorrow morning.

My mind drifted. I thought of my trip to Singapore and all the fun I had had. I thought of Leo and wondered if now, two months later, he still thought of me. We had exchanged a few texted since getting back to Bali but nothing had materialised. The taxi driver screeched to a halt and this brought me back from my day dream. Apparently, this had now awoken Marcus who looked around, confused for a moment. A look of recognition then lit up his face and I figured that we had arrived. He paid the taxi guy as we got out of the car.

Marcus pressed a doorbell button on a intercom on the wall outside a big undescript door, and then the door buzzed, clicked unlock and we walked in. I followed Marcus along a series of industrial-looking corridors, and then finally through a double door that lead out into a huge room, so large it was more like a aircraft hanger. This hall, had many studios set up within. Partitions separated each studio, Each with multiple lights and umbrellas, reflectors and tv screens set up around curved infinity walls. Some of them had various furnitures and props where models were posing on or in front of, some had complete sets made up of living rooms or bedroom. I stopped to take it all in. It was incredible.

‘Marcus, Marcus. Over here’, someone called out. We walked over to section of the hall, that had a studio with a grey wall and a large brown leather sofa in the middle. Marcus introduced me to a bunch of people. I strained to remember their names; Jamie, a photographer working for the website, Michelle; a freelance videographer, Frank; a creative assistant and many other models we would be working with. He then went over to speak with some other agents as the female models and I were shown to a changing room area where we would go through outfits with the stylists and make up and hair. It was an impressive set up.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 2

putri cinta secret diary of a nude model episode 2 COVER

Six o’clock. The sun was already up before I was and yellow rays of light peeped through my thin hotel room curtains. Outside the city was awake and rife with noisy activity. It took me more than a few minutes to gather up the strength to leave my warm bed. I then jumped into the shower to get myself ready for the day while reminiscing about the previous day’s events. Yesterday had been an amazing day but it had left me exhausted and drained. Jay and I had visited (another) some locations outside the city to shoot a scene incorporating the beauty and cultural heritage of Singapore. I’d gotten to meet more experienced models and I filmed a second video with another female model, in a beautiful rooftop swimming pool over looking the city, where we were taking off each other bikinis. I’d noticed a guy who was part of the production team, eyeing me throughout the shoot and later, he’d introduced himself as Daniel and asked me if I wanted to grab a drink with him some time. He seemed nice; athletic body and a charming personality. I’d declined politely I would be leaving town the next day so it would not be possible. He’d handled the rejection quite well and told me to hit him up the next time I would be in town. I’d taken his contact politely although, deep down I knew that I would not be seeing him again any time soon.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 1

putri cinta secret diary of a nude model ep1 artwork airplane cover

As we soared above the fluffy white clouds, I smiled. Here I was; following my dream, far away from home, just touching down in Singapore. It was a euphoric feeling. Here I would spend the next three days shooting erotic photos and video scenes with a prominent photographer for a well-known adult website. Jay, the photographer who I’d be working with, was waiting for me as I got off the plane and waved once he saw me. I had actually never met Jay before. All our prior communication had been done via phone and as I walked towards him, I realised how different he was to how I’d initially pictured him.

He smiled at me as I descended the airstair and motioned for his chauffeur to help me with my luggage. A strong aura of sophistication and luxury hung in the air. He was chicly dressed: branded Louis Vuitton t-shirt, matching shorts and a shiny, vintage Rolex timepiece on his left hand. He stepped forward and welcomed me with a tight hug as his chauffeur loaded my bags into the sleek Mercedes behind him.

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