The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: 15th/16th June

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Six o’clock. The sun was already up before I was and yellow rays of light peeped through my thin hotel room curtains. Outside the city was awake and rife with noisy activity. It took me more than a few minutes to gather up the strength to leave my warm bed. I then jumped into the shower to get myself ready for the day while reminiscing about the previous day’s events. Yesterday had been an amazing day but it had left me exhausted and drained. Jay and I had visited (another) some locations outside the city to shoot a scene incorporating the beauty and cultural heritage of Singapore. I’d gotten to meet more experienced models and I filmed a second video with another female model, in a beautiful rooftop swimming pool over looking the city, where we were taking off each other bikinis. I’d noticed a guy who was part of the production team, eyeing me throughout the shoot and later, he’d introduced himself as Daniel and asked me if I wanted to grab a drink with him some time. He seemed nice; athletic body and a charming personality. I’d declined politely I would be leaving town the next day so it would not be possible. He’d handled the rejection quite well and told me to hit him up the next time I would be in town. I’d taken his contact politely although, deep down I knew that I would not be seeing him again any time soon.

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: 13th June


As we soared above the fluffy white clouds, I smiled. Here I was; following my dream, far away from home, just touching down in Singapore. It was a euphoric feeling. Here I would spend the next three days shooting erotic photos and video scenes with a prominent photographer for a well-known adult website. Jay, the photographer who I’d be working with, was waiting for me as I got off the plane and waved once he saw me. I had actually never met Jay before. All our prior communication had been done via phone and as I walked towards him, I realised how different he was to how I’d initially pictured him.

He smiled at me as I descended the airstair and motioned for his chauffeur to help me with my luggage. A strong aura of sophistication and luxury hung in the air. He was chicly dressed: branded Louis Vuitton t-shirt, matching shorts and a shiny, vintage Rolex timepiece on his left hand. He stepped forward and welcomed me with a tight hug as his chauffeur loaded my bags into the sleek Mercedes behind him.