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putri cinta 14 steps to give her an anal orgasm blog artwork

14 Steps to Give Her an Anal Orgasm

When it comes to anal play, most of us have taboo. Many would say no and many would take up the challenge of anal play. Now, let me tell you, those who have embraced anal

putri cinta 12 tips to come together blog art

12 Tips to Come Together

One of the most beautiful experiences during sex according to me is coming together. Now, most couples don’t experience this and the reason is they don’t know how to do it. When you come together

putri cinta make sex better with condom art

15 Ways to Make Sex with a Condom Better

You know what, initially; I was reluctant to have sex with a condom because I thought it just reduces the pleasure element quite a bit. If you have the experience of having sex with and

putri cinta 15 reasons women fake orgasms art

15 Honest Reasons for Why Women Fake Orgasms

Women faking orgasms is a fact and as women, we cannot deny that. But, I would also say that women have valid reasons for this. However, I know very few men would deeply understand these

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