The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 11

17 April 2021

putri cinta secret diary nude model ep11 art1
Christmas was long gone and the new year was now here with us. The past two weeks had been filled with endless fun and unlimited happiness. My best friend Kira and I had put up and decorated our Christmas tree, sung and listened to lots of Christmas carols, attended lots of amazing parties, met numerous guys and girls at nightclubs and bars and had countless flings and one night stands in the process. We had toured much of Mexico together, cities and beaches which were just as beautiful as Tulum was and we’d taken many pictures and videos to document our memories. The new year had found me a nearby nightclub, a little tipsy, dancing the night away together with my best friend. Perhaps this was a foreshadowing of how much fun and adventure the new year would bring. This would be the year that I would live more, be more outgoing and achieve even greater heights in my career and this was already a good start.

Today, I sat in the window seat of the Mexican airplane watching the big white bales floating right below us. I was flying to Todos Santos, a small town on the Pacific coast of the Baja California Peninsula for a photo shoot with Playboy Plus. This was a huge opportunity for me to grow and I was excited to say the least. In addition, I had never been to Todos Santos before but from what I had heard from Kira, it was a paradise. The explorer and adventurer in me could not wait to tour the city after the shoot was over. Marcus, my production team and I would be staying there for three days after which we would fly back to Tulum. We would be staying in a pre-booked four-star hotel for the entire time and I vowed to milk the most out of my experience in the city.
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