The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 12

24 April 2021

putri cinta secret diary of a nude mode ep12 artwork4
Thursday, January 15

I had grown extremely attached to Mexico and the thought of leaving had me dismayed. Being here had been an amazing experience and I had learnt more within the two months than I ever would and made infinite moments and magical memories. Tomorrow, I would be on the midday flight back home and by dusk the next day, I would be home. The only other person who felt as sad by my leaving was my best friend, Kira. She had been such a good friend and I would miss her dearly. Most of the memories and fun moments in Mexico; we had had them together including the threesome we had had a month ago. She had taught me a lot; to be bold and fearless, to pursue that which set my heart on fire and to always look on the positive side of every situation.

Although she was extremely downcast, she had suggested that we enjoy our final night together by heading out for drinks at a nearby nightclub. I had agreed almost immediately and the stream of preceding decisions had led us here; in a crowded club with a cool ambience and awesome music. There I was, seated alone at a table in the middle of the club politely declining the advances of a middle aged man trying to hit on me. This was supposed to be a girls’ night out between Kira and I and we didn’t want any guys hitting on us. I however, usually enjoyed the attention.
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