The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 17

25 June 2021

putri cinta diary of nude model ep.17 art1
Sunday, February 14

Sia Oliver and I had gotten extremely close within the short time since we had gotten to know each other. We had done numerous films and modelled for many companies and websites together since then. We were now comfortable with each other, both on and off the cameras. I was lucky to have met such an amazing human being and to make friends with her.

We had just wrapped up shooting for the first part of the day and we were now breaking for lunch. We had been shooting an advertisement for a large sports house and we were promoting some of their merchandise. The scene involved us playing badminton on an isolated beach; however, our game had a special twist; for every score, the loser had to remove an item of clothing from their body until we were both buck naked. Sia was a better player than I was and I got fully naked quite fast without even getting a glimpse of her body. We then got distracted from the game a few minutes later and stripped each other off of whatever clothing was remaining. We took some seductive photos on the beach while sensually licking the tip of the racquets and rubbing the head of the shuttlecocks on each other’s nipples. We made sure to leave little to imagination for our beloved fans.
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