The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 18

8 July 2021

putri cinta Secret Diary Of A Nude Model Ep18 art1
Let me pick you up at your location, the text message read. I had just finished shooting for the day and was about to go back home and freshen up when the notification lit up. I had made plans with a fan who had turned out to be a past lover and I was just about to see if my instincts had been correct; if it was really him.

I waited for some more minutes and watched as a cab stopped by the other side of the street. It stood there for a while as the occupants alighted. I really couldn’t see who it was but as the car drove away, I slowly recognised his face. I was standing right outside the gate of the resort we had been shooting at, waiting on my mysterious man. His face lit up on recognising me and walked towards me. My guess had been correct all along.
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