The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 5

12 February 2021

putri cinta secret diary of nude model ep5 blow job 1
Monday evening, October 27

I ran around the room in my little black G-string, completely nude from the waist up, trying to decide what to wear for the evening. Indah and Siti sat on my bed unbiasedly judging every one of my outfits, as best friends usually did. We were preparing to go for Ellis’ party over at his villa and I wanted to look effortlessly impressive. Which, ironically was taking me a lot of effort to pull off. I eventually settled on a light blue skin-tight dress that clung so tight to my body that is left nothing to the imagination. It didn’t go over my shoulders, but instead wrapped around my body just over my breasts. And it was short, finishing just after the curve of my bum. I wasn’t wearing a bra with the dress so the outline of my nipples were pushing through the dress. The light blue colour against my dark skin looked sexy and also made me looked even more tanned and my teeth even more white. I debated whether or not to wear underwear as the outline of the pants doesn’t look so good. I pulled on some white heels to go finish the outfit. It scored some approving nods from my strict judges and after a final look in the mirror, we stepped out of the house.

Indah was wearing a matching flowery crop top and skirt set, that looked hot on her small perky breasts, and Sita had opted for a White bikini top with a white short skirt. We were all looked smoking hot. Sita had got on well with Ellis’ friend Jake today on the beach and was asking us what we thought of him.
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