The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 6

19 February 2021

putri cinta secret diary of nude model ep6 joanna artwork 1
Sunday, November 2

The thought of flying back to Bali had me feeling drained and a little downcast. The week in Thailand with Ellis had been incredible but unfortunately, it had come to an end. We had danced on the beach, played in the water, kissed under the moonlight and laughed under the stars. We had enjoyed each other’s company fully, painfully aware of the fast approaching end but choosing to immerse ourselves in the moments we shared together.

But the moment we had all been dreading was finally here. The goodbye. Had it been up to me, I would never have chosen to leave. I would have stayed here in this perfect utopian world Ellis and I had created in that single week and created many more beautiful memories.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t my decision to make. My agent, Marcus expected me to be in Bali by today afternoon as I had an early morning photoshoot tomorrow. He had managed to secure me some huge deal with a big modelling agency; ‘the biggest I had ever worked with’, according to him. He’d broken the ‘big’ news to me last night and was a bit worried when he didn’t sense the enthusiasm in my voice. I knew that I should have been a bit more enthusiastic but I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe later, it would hit me just how big the opportunity was but as for now, my heart was heavy.

The most difficult part was the final hug at the airport at the boarding gate. Ellis and his friends, Brad and Collins, who I’d gotten quite fond of had escorted us to the airport to bid us goodbye and were just as sad that we were leaving. I held Ellis tightly, not wanting to let go and he locked his arms around me even tighter, my tiny body well tucked in his bulky arms. In his final words just before we got on the plane, he spoke of visiting me in Bali soon enough and I banked on his reassurance, unable to imagine that this was the last time I would ever see him.
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