The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 7

1 March 2021

putri cinta secret diary nude model ep7 artwork 1
Saturday, December 6

Today I would be shooting a video and photoset for my website with my best friend Rebecca. We were supposed to shoot a bathtub scene which would end up with both of us getting naked and extremely wet. Honestly I was feeling a little nervous. Not that I had never seen her naked before; Rebecca and I saw each other nude all the time. And I had done lots of erotic videos since my trip to Thailand, I should have been used to this by now.

And many more were coming. The ‘big’ deal that Marcus had gotten me involved a trip to Mexico, to not only shoot with Playboy but also with Met Art. We would be leaving on Monday and I was already excited, anticipating the trip and upcoming adventures.

This morning Rebecca and I had visited the beach and taken some raunchy selfies while playing in the sand. I felt extremely sexy in my oversized, colourful t-shirt that was knotted to show off my flat tummy and a pair of ass-hugging Bermuda wrap shorts while Rebecca was dressed in a pink two-piece swim suit underneath a see-through crotchet skirt and shirt. We looked and felt like princesses, and we were sure our Instagram fans would agree. Later on, we went for lunch at our favourite local restaurant just near the location of the afternoon shoot. We ate in silence, my mind choosing to reminisce over the events that had happened since my trip to Thailand.

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