The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 9

24 March 2021

putri cinta secret diary of nude model ep 9 artwork 3
Saturday, December 20

My phone buzzed and a notification from Kira lit up the screen. Kira was a close friend of mine and although we had met barely two weeks ago, we had grown extremely fond of each other. She had recognised me at the hotel I was staying at and approached me instantly, telling me that she had been a massive fan of mine. She’d been thrilled that she was sharing a hotel with me and was extremely excited to have met me. Since then we had gotten along quite well and had even grown to be good friends.

Are we still on for today? The text message read.

One of the things that had instantly bound me and Kira together was our common love for adventure and travel. She herself was a turista from the United States, a student of Photography & Arts at the university who was here on vacation. Unlike me, this was not the first time she was visiting Mexico so she wasn’t quite a stranger to the areas. She’d accompanied me on some of my strolls around the city, showing me around as she was much more familiar with the country than I was. I admired how genuinely enthusiastic she was about the beauty and how deeply she appreciated all the sights and memories she made. She’d been planning to visit El Cuyo and had suggested that I should go with her. Since I was not at all busy over the weekend, I’d been more than happy to accompany her.
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