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PUTRICINTA.COM is the official exclusive content site for Indonesian model and actress Putri Cinta. You may also think of it as a sponsorship site, a fan site, or a very personal look into the life of Ms Putri Cinta that is strictly members only. 

Members enjoy exclusive, professional-produced, uncensored, high definition, erotic video and photo content. 

All funds from subscriptions go directly to Putri. 

‘Prezent Media’ or ‘Putri Cinta Media’ (depending on which payment method you use) will be the bank statement description when you purchase a membership is created by professionals, and has been verified and reviewed by certified Payment Processing companies to be able to operate and legally accept payments, such as Netbilling, CCBill, Epoch, Paypal & Coinbase. We consider your security and privacy highly and have taken all possible measures to remain safe ad secure for you to use.

For Superfans, new posts are uploaded to ‘My Feed’ every day. For Day pass users and Standardfan Members there is new ‘Releases’ every Tuesday. 

Members have access to an extensive library of previous updates. 

There is 2 different types of membership we offer; ‘Standard Fan’ or ‘Super Fan.’ 


The standard Fan membership gives you access to all my new and past  ‘Releases’. Each contains;

  • Main video (5-25minute)
  • Photoset (20+ photos) 
  • Behind the scene video (5-15minute)

New Releases occur every Tuesday. There is over 200  ‘Releases’ now available for streaming. 


Superfans have access to my chat app so we can chat any time. We can really get to know each other.

Superfans have access to all the ‘Releases’ as well as the ‘SuperFan Bonus Releases’.

And also have the option to download the Weekly Releases.

Superfan also have access to ‘My Feed’ which is short videos from my phone of day to day erotic adventures which I upload every day.

And access to My Closet daily videos, and my very personal Secret Diary.

Video and Photo content includes cinematic lesbian scenes, masturbation scenes, squirting, using toys, butt plugs, all in the most beautiful locations around the tropics, of Putri Cinta and her beautiful exotic friends. 

Superfan members have access to the chat page where they can chat with me, Putri, any time any where. We can get to know each other and ask each other anything. 

It’s very simple! It takes 30 seconds! Select a plan from above. And fill out your details and payment on the next page. Done!

You will be prompted to set up an account which will include a username and password that you will use in the future to sign in and access the members content. 

You have a variety of different payment methods to choose from including Credit Card, PayPal, Crytpo.

After your payment has been successful you will be directed to the members section of the website where you will be able to enjoy the many videos and photo galleries. 

Super Fans have access to be able to download the weekly ‘Releases’ videos and photosets. 

The Super Fan Bonus Releases are not available for download.

Super Fans are limited to download one item per day, and only on Desktop/laptop device, not on Mobile.

The new releases become available for download for Super Fans 1 month after they are published. 

Standard Fans are not able to download any content but can stream. 

Putri does not offer escort service

Check out all of putri’s pages at

You sure can

No problem, head over to Putri’s Shop >

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds if you change your mind after making a purchase.

Sure! No problem. Members can chat directly with putri from the chat messenger to discuss a custom video and get a quote

Each day Putri posts a new video in a new sexy outfit from her closet. The videos tend to be from 3 – 6 minutes long and are strip videos where she removes all the clothes slowly in a cat-walk style. Putri include many weird and wonderful outfits. These videos are exclusive to Super Fans members. 


Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our cancelation form anytime to cancel your subscription: CANCELATION FORM >

If you have forgotten your password, you can opt to reset your password on the log in page

If you are still having difficulty feel free to get in touch with the support team

If you are receiving the message ‘authentication problem. Please contact administrator’ when trying to log in, this is due to our system detecting multiple IP addresses logging into your user account at the same time and your account has been temporarily locked. Please use our Contact form to reach our team and have your account unlocked. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen again, please do not share your account details with anyone, and ensure if you are using a VPN with multiple devices that you have the same location set for each device’s VPN

You can update your account information by heading to the account page and heading to ‘Update Credit Card Info’

Sorry to hear that. Please drop us a message via the Contact form

Be sure to include your username 

Super Fans have access to be able to download the weekly ‘Releases’ videos and photosets. 

Super Fans are limited to download one item per 24hours, and only on Desktop/laptop device, not on Mobile. The 24 hour counter resets 24 hours after your last download.

Super Fan Bonus Releases are not available for download.

Standard Fans are not able to download any content but can stream. 

If you find you are experiencing the ‘Download Limit Exceeded’ message even after 24 hours since your last download, here is a few things you might need to do: 

  • Each time you log in to download an item, make sure you clear your browsers cache/cookies. Some times you might be viewing an older version of the site, due to cache, and so your download counter might not have updated.
  • We suggest using Chrome Browser in incognito mode 
  • Ensure that it is at least 30 hours since your last download

Every so often Super Fans Bonus Release are published exclusively for Super Fans.

There is also a big library of previously published Super Fan Bonus releases for Super Fans to explore.

If you have purchased a membership but content that should be visible is still locked, please try clearing your browsers cache. The process is different for different browsers, but you can follow the guides detailed here.


‘Daily Feed’ or ‘Feed’ is only available to Super Fans. Super Fans can enjoy the daily naughty videos putri posts here

Good idea. You can do this by logging in and heading to the join page. Here you can see the plans available for you to upgrade to, and can select the desired plan. Your current plans value will be deducted from the new plan 

Sorry to hear that. We advise getting in touch with the payment processor company you used for you payment. Either CCBILL or Epoch

Sorry to hear that. Thankfully we have a few payment options to pick from. If one of the payment options does not work for you please try one of our others

A Life Time Super Fan membership has all the same perks as a monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly Super Fan subscription, but additionally have access to the BTS-X Film Store, and option to subscribe to XXX Daily feed. Please note, for Life time members the BTS-X films and XXX Daily Feed are additional purchases, not free with the membership.

No problem. Drop us a message on our contact page and we will do that for you

If you need further assistance please get in touch from our contact page

If your bank card is being declined for any reason we have some alternative options for checking out.

Please bare in mind these options only allow for one time payments, and not reoccurring subscriptions. So for example if you are paying for a monthly subscription, only the first month with be paid for, and your subscription will not re-bill after that.

Paypal – You can manually send funds via PayPal to purchase your subscription or order.   Please include your username, email address and full name in the description of the payment and we will add your purchase to your user account as soon as we receive the funds. Please ensure to use ‘Friends & Family’ option and not ‘Business Purchase’ otherwise the payment will be returned to you.

Paxum – You can manually send funds via Paxum Wallet to purchase your subscription or order. Send funds to our Paxum Wallet: [email protected] . Please include your account username, email address and full name in the description of the payment and we will add your purchase to your user account as soon as we receive the funds.

PC Credits or Putri Credits are our website currency, that you can use to purchase products and subscriptions on

You can top up your PC Credits and view your wallet balance from the user dashboard.

PC Credits is a good alternative if you are experiencing difficulty paying with your bank card for various products

If you still need help you can get in touch with Support by clicking here

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