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putri cinta secret diary ep 39 artwork 4

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 39

I couldn’t get Ted off my mind as I went over the day’s activities. All through, all I could think about was how dreamy he was. And how lucky I was to have met him a few weeks ago. He was a six-foot giant, had dark hair and a charming smile that made me melt every time. I instantly loved his personality from the first time we had met; he had been affectionate and a true gentleman. A connection between us had already sparked from our first date, and I couldn’t wait to see him again.

putri cinta secret diary ep 38 artwork 1

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 38

I was seated in the middle of the coffee shop, waiting for Siti to arrive so that we could hang out. It was a Saturday evening, and we were supposed to be meeting there before heading out for a night out at a famous nightclub nearby. Consequently, I was dressed in my nightlife clothes, and I looked perfect in a tight little dress that showed off my ass and figure. Most guys’ eyes were all focused on my bum as I walked up to the cashier to order myself a cup of coffee and walked back to my seat. I wondered if any of them could spot the butt plug I had on through my sexy dress.

putri cinta secret diary ep 37 artwork 3

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 37

Some days ago, a reporter for one of the gossip websites online asked me what I thought the perfect sensual scene would look like for me. I’d smiled and said that I didn’t have a particular scene in mind and that all the ones I had done so far had been my best works of art. Don’t whisper this to them if you see them but that had been a huge lie. I did have a picturesque scene in mind and one day I hoped I would get to materialize it.

putri cinta secret diary ep 36 artwork 4

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 36

‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile,’ read the caption to my latest website photo. The photo was a portrait photo that showed me fully nude, save for my sexy lingerie; a see-through bra, coupled with a pair of matching crotchless panties. The photo had been taken a few days ago by my friend Layla Silver, who in addition to being a top model in the country, was apparently also a decent photographer. Come to think of it, events had taken quite an interesting turn after she’d taken that photo, and I smiled as I thought of what had happened.

putri cinta secret diary artwork ep.36 001

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 35

Ever since the incident at the car lot, Damien and I had remained quite close and our relationship had grown to levels that neither of us had anticipated. Mutually, we had decided to keep everything under wraps and our adventures were unbeknownst to any of the other members of the team. We were not exclusively dating however. Since none of us was interested in a long-term relationship at the moment, we had decided to remain friends… with benefits.

putri cinta diary of nude model ep.34 artowrk4

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 34

I was surprised to receive an email from my dating profile app, that I had met a match. This struck me as odd as I thought I had deleted the app a long time ago. The app had just been for fun and had not been meant to stay till now, but apparently my profile was still on. As I logged in to clear my profile from the app, this particular match caught my eye. She was everything I was not and her profile information intrigued me from the first moment I laid eyes on it. Seeing her profile had me guessing my initial thoughts. However, I finally made my decision: One final adventure and then I would delete my profile.

putri cinta diary of nude model ep.33 artowrk4

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 33

‘You know, you really shouldn’t leave the gate open. Anyone can walk in,’ said the voice from behind me. Just the person I was hoping would walk into my compound. ‘Well, maybe I should leave it open much more often,’ I replied. I then got up and placed my sunglasses and cucumber-infused water, near where my bikini lay, and walked towards him, not even bothering to wrap a towel around my body. He watched as I drew closer to him, his smile not once leaving his face. As I leaned in to kiss him, I thought of how long I had thought of this moment and how glad I was that it was finally happening.

putri cinta secret diary artwork ep 33 001

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 32

As the orange evening sun descended into the night sky, I was sure the night would be a spectacular one, unlike how the day had gone. Looking back now, nothing during the day had even given me the slightest indication that things would have turned out as they did but perhaps it was that very element of unpredictability that had made it all memorable. The chain of events leading up to the climax of the night had been unexpected and would definitely be etched in my mind for a long time to come.

putri cinta secret diary artwork ep31 1

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 31

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, and had I not booked an appointment for the evening, I would have spent the rest of the day indoors. I didn’t go to work earlier that morning, being a weekend, and had instead opted to spend the whole of my morning sleeping and reading some fashion magazines. In the afternoon, however, I had scheduled a fitness workout with a recommended trainer who was going to help me improve my fitness routine.

putri cinta secret diary episode 30 artwork 004

The Secret Diary Of A Nude Model: Episode 30

I could not help but wonder if Damien, my personal videographer, still thought of what had happened last Sunday. I watched him through the corner of my eye as I swayed my hips past where he sat, and noticed a glimmer of cheekiness light up his face. I recognised that glimmer, it was the same one that I had noticed three days ago, when things had spiralled from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds.

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