Discover HD photoset of Putri Cinta and her friends

278 Eden’s Edge (Photoset)

With Arra

277 Blushing Horizon (Photoset)

With Putri Cinta

276 Hot As Stone (Photoset)

With Misu

275 Heavenly Hours (Photoset)

With Putri Cinta

274 High-rise Heat (Photoset)

With Sasha

273 Lies in the Sand (Photoset)

With Putri Cinta

272 Ocean’s Flame (Photoset)

With Kate

271 Swept Away (Photoset)

With Putri Cinta

270 Beneath the Sun (Photoset)

With Kitty

269 Hotter Than Summer (Photoset)

With Putri Cinta

268 Breezy Dreams (Photoset)

With Rose

267 Heatwave Escape (Photoset)

With Putri Cinta

266 Midnight Shadows (Photoset)

With Tita Sahara

265 Beyond Desire (Photoset)

With Putri Cinta

264 Flaming Temptation (Photoset)

With Kat

263 Shimmering Waters (Photoset)

With Putri Cinta

262 Seaside Whispers (Photoset)

With Cara

261 Secret Sanctuary (Photoset)

With Putri Cinta
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