Is Using VPN Legal in Indonesia?
putri cinta Is Using VPN Legal in Indonesia

You know what; I am tired of seeing various porn sites getting blocked in Indonesia. But, it’s not only Indonesia; many other countries are banning porn sites as well. Apart from that, there are other sites that are getting blocked for specific reasons.

Now, I have been a regular visitor to various porn sites because I love watching porn. However, with so many of my favourite porn sites getting a ban in Indonesia, it just becomes that harder to watch porn movies and videos.

The only thing I can do now is to activate VPNs and browse those sites. Yes, VPNs are a fantastic way of browsing blocked sites in your country. It just gives you the liberty of browsing whichever sites you want irrespective of whether the site is banned in your country or not. 

However, now, there is another problem in using VPNs. Many countries like Russia or China is banning the use of VPNs. It will make it impossible for people living in those countries to browse the blocked website.

Once the news broke, everyone in Indonesia started to wonder whether VPNs are getting banned here as well. Many internet users of Indonesia prefer using VPNs to browse various sites that are inaccessible right now in this country due to government actions. 

Almost 41% of the internet users in Indonesia are VPN users. So, I guess, you will also have this confusion about the legality of using VPNs in Indonesia as well. That is why in this article, I am Putri Cinta, will inform you everything that you need to know about VPNs and whether it is legal to use VPNs in Indonesia or not. So, let’s begin. 

What is a VPN?

Before I get down to the legal stuff, I just want to make sure that all of you understand what a VPN is. It is basically a Virtual Private Network (that’s what VPN stands for). It means you can get away from the internet censorship of your country and browse any website that you want to use. 

When you use the internet in your country normally, your internet service provider can track your internet usage through your IP address. With the VPN, it will be very difficult to track you down because the IP address will show the usage from a different country.

You know what, not only Indonesia but also many other countries have a tendency of banning sites which can be harmful to their people. Now, I am not at all saying that porn is harmful to those who watch it. In fact, I think porn educates people and improves their sex life. 

However, there are sites like gambling sites that could lead to disaster in someone’s life. But, that is a whole new topic for another blog. Coming back to the point, VPNs work as a shield when it comes to tracking your internet usage down. 

VPNs will project your internet address located in some other countries. And, therefore, even by sitting in your home in Indonesia, you can browse sites that are already prohibited to visit by the government. There is a large section of internet users in Indonesia that use VPNs every day. 

Reasons to Use a VPN to Browse Websites

Look, there are various reasons why you might need to use a VPN to visit a website. Some people have negative thoughts about VPNs. But, I am totally in for VPN because I personally use it. That is why I know why you might want to use a VPN while browsing the internet. So, here are some of the reasons why I would use a VPN while browsing the internet. 

Browse Websites that are Blocked in Indonesia

Look, many sites that you used to visit regularly in the past are now banned in Indonesia. It is quite frustrating for me to see those sites getting banned. But, if the government decided to ban those sites, then it may be for the general well-being of the people of this country. 

However, if you need to check those sites out like the previous times you used to do, then you can use VPNs as it will allow you to unblock those sites and explore them just like the old days. Look, most people use VPNs to browse blocked porn sites in Indonesia. 

To Be Anonymous while Browsing the Internet

Sometimes, for different reasons, you don’t want others to know from where you are browsing the site. It also helps in avoiding internet censorship which is becoming prevalent throughout the world from the different governments of different countries. 

I am not against internet censorship at all. I just want to make sure that only the sites that are harmful to people get blocked. However, if you don’t want anyone to find out what you are doing on the internet then you can use a VPN to be anonymous on the internet. 

To Download Software and Movies from Torrent Sites

I know that this point will make me look like I support internet piracy. That is why I am telling you openly that I do not support internet piracy. But, for the sake of giving information, I am including this point in the blog and I think you should know it too.

Many of you have a habit of looking for sites to download pirated files such as movies or software. The most popular place to get those files in the past was torrent sites or any other P2P sites. However, after the banning of P2P sites or torrent sites, you will be wondering how you can do that.

Well, by using a VPN, you can browse those torrent sites and download the files just like the old times. Once again, let me make myself very clear, I am not suggesting that you should go and browse those websites. I am telling you this just to inform you about why many people might need VPNs. 

To Watch Shows That Can’t Be Watched in Indonesia

You know what, after the internet censorship began in Indonesia, many shows that I loved to watch are now banned here, maybe because those shows hurt the Muslim sentiment (conservative) of the country. I can understand the situation but I am fine with banning such shows. Do you know why?

If a person is not hurt by such things that are portrayed in those shows, then he or she can use a VPN to watch those shows easily. So, this gives options to those who want to watch them and those looking to avoid those shows.

To Watch Shows of Netflix USA

Trust me, some shows on Netflix USA are so amazing that you have to watch them. Look, I love watching the shows on Netflix USA. But, I cannot do that from Indonesia because the server won’t allow me to watch those shows. 

So, what I do is browse the site by using a VPN. It allows me to showcase my IP address as one from the US if I want to. And, thus, I can get away from the much-dreaded internet censorship quite easily. I use VPNs to watch Netflix USA quite frequently. 

Are VPNs Really Banned in Indonesia?

Now, let me tell you the thing that you all have been waiting to learn. VPNs are not banned in Indonesia. You can get a VPN and browse the websites that you cannot browse normally here. But, this confusion came up about Indonesia banning VPNs since Russia and China started banning VPNs.

And, I think that the confusion is not a surprising one because you know what, we have a track record of banning sites and pressing censorship on internet browsing. However, the Indonesian government has not banned the use of VPNs yet. 

The Different Between the Situation in China and Indonesia

Now, let me explain why the banning of sites in China is different from what is happening in Indonesia. The perspectives of the two countries are different in this case due to the fundamental differences between Indonesia and China. 

You need to remember that China is not a democratic country whereas Indonesia is. The government in Indonesia are more concerned about the contents that are offensive to the large majority of the Muslim community of this country. 

However, China is more concerned about the censorship of the internet due to political reasons. They have the copy of various popular websites and apps that are used all over the world just to cut the ties of their citizens from the world. That is why VPNs are banned in China because it will open up the foreign land to the Chinese people which their government doesn’t want. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, Indonesia being a democratic country, I don’t think we will see VPNs getting banned here. So, by using VPNs, you can easily browse censored websites. So, pick a VPN service that suits your needs and use the internet at your own will. 

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