Combination Orgasms – 5 Tips to Rock Her World
putr cinta Combination Orgasms – 5 Tips to Rock Her World

Let’s accept it, women orgasm is still more or less a mystery for you men. You still don’t have a clear idea about how we girls can have intense orgasms. I am not saying all men, but most of them have no idea about women orgasm. They only think that by inserting fingers in the vagina, they can provide a girl with the best orgasm of her life but it’s not.

If you want to make a girl cum for you, then you have to follow a process. Everything happens for a reason. Also, you should remember that no two women in this world will have the same taste sexually. So, what you do will depend on your partner. Therefore, understanding your partner becomes so very important both mentally and sexually.

At times, orgasms depend a lot on what’s happening in her head than her body. So, if you want to see her clenching her fist and shivering as the fountain starts flowing from her bottom, then you need to take care of what is happening in her head as well as her body. Now, as a woman, I can tell you a little secret here that all men would love to hear.

All women crave to have such mind-blowing orgasms. So, men should always look to take us to the limit and help us in achieving intense orgasms. One of the best things that men can do is to follow a process that will lead women to combination orgasms. Now, you will be thinking about what combination orgasms are and what you have to do for that. Don’t worry because I have your back. In this article, I will tell what combination orgasms are and five tips that will help you to make your partner achieve them. So, let’s begin!

What is a Combination Orgasm?

You will find many sensitive parts in a woman’s body. If you stimulate them, you can rest assured a woman will have her pussy getting dripping wet. So, when you stimulate two or more sensitive areas in a woman’s body, for example, clitoris and G-spot, she will get a combination orgasm.

Combination orgasms are more intense and pleasurable. You can literally rock your partner’s world by giving her a combination orgasm. I can tell you if you give your partner a combination orgasm, she might become addicted to you sexually. A girl always wants to have a man who can satisfy her sexually and with a combination orgasm, she will have that supreme sense of sexual satisfaction.

Now, you will be wondering how you can give your partner the taste of combination orgasms. Well, for that, I can give you 5 tips that will be very much helpful and your partner will crave you in bed even more. So, let’s now see those tips that will help you to rock your partner’s world.

1.   Play with Her Breasts while Working on Her Pussy

I guess you all have seen those romantic songs where a boy sits in the bed holding the girl from her back. It is a romantic scene that anyone would love to do with their partners, right? Well, I guess you can take that cue and give your partner a combination orgasm that she will remember for a long time.

Now, here is what you have to do. First, sit back and relax in the bed and make your partner sit in front of you with her back facing you. Now, take her breasts in both hands and play with them. You know what; breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. So, if you can play with her breasts, you can make her dripping wet underneath. So, keep squeezing, pinching, and stroking her breasts until she is dripping wet.

Now, it is time to take things to the next level. Take your hands towards her pussy and play with it. Touch her clitoris, vulva, and other sensitive parts. For extra stimulation, you can also kiss or even bite her ears and neck. It will make sure that the clitoral orgasm is more intense than ever.

2.   Get Inside Her Pussy from Behind and Play with Her Clits with Your Fingers

Even in porn, I love to watch scenes where a man enters a girl from behind. It just adds that extra kinky element I enjoy in porn. However, you can also use this kinky element to give your partner a combination orgasm that she will never ever forget I can assure you.

Get inside her pussy from the behind. She will be on her knees and supporting her body weight with her hands. Now, as you keep pounding her, it is time to make your fingers work yet again. Now, by penetrating her from the back, you will be giving her a nice cervical orgasm. It will be a different feeling from what she gets with a clitoral orgasm. Now, with your fingers, start working on her clitoris.

Your goal is to give your partner a combination orgasm and for that, it is important that you keep moving your fingers fast on her clit while applying pressure. She will be ecstatic with this combination of clitoral and cervical orgasm. Now, if you want to make things a bit kinky, then you can also tie up her hands while working on her. Also, a lesbian couple can also try this with a strap-on or dildo.

3.   Use Your Mouth and Fingers to Give Her an Exploding Vaginal Orgasm

I know girls love to lie down on their back while their partner tastes their pussies. Girls just want to feel and enjoy the moment. That is why I have to say the men should master the art of pussy eating as it is one of the best ways you can pleasure your partner. Also, you can use your mouth and fingers to give her a thrilling combination orgasm.

You need to start things off with soft kisses. Slowly, you will see she is getting out down there. Now, it is time to speed up your kisses and go deeper with each kiss. After this, use your tongue’s surface to lick her pussy and stimulate her clit. You will now see that her pussy is dripping wet.

It is time to use your fingers. The number of fingers you can use will depend on your partner’s comfort level. As you keep licking her with your tongue and finger her fast, she will come nearer to her orgasm. She will have a mind-blowing orgasm because of this double stimulation. To spice things up and add a bit of kinky factor, you can use a blindfold as well.

4.   Slowly Penetrate Her Anus with Your Fingers while She Rides You

I know you men love to see us girls ride you. Yes, I can tell you that some girls really like to ride men. But, you men should also know that you can turn the riding session of your girl into something through which she can have a fantastic combination orgasm.

When your girl is on top of you, it is a position that you can easily use to penetrate her deep. You just have to make sure that she is leaning on your chest while you pound her. Now, her buttocks will be accessible to you and use can use your fingers to slowly penetrate her anus with your fingers.

You can use her pussy juice or any lube while penetrating the anus which will make the orgasm stronger than ever. As you keep working on her pussy with your dick and her anus with your fingers, in no time, you will be hearing her screaming with the pleasure of this combination orgasm.

5.   Keep Kissing Her and Play with Her G-Spot with Your Fingers to Make Her Squirt

I feel the lips of girls are one the most accessible sensitive areas which stay exposed even in public. So, you should never neglect the lips of a girl and you can also use her lips and her G-spot to give her a combination orgasm which can also lead her to squirt.

So, as you keep kissing her sensitive lips, you will notice that she is already wet down there. You should not wait to put your fingers inside her pussy. However, initially, you should spend some time discovering the area which will stimulate even more.

After that, insert your fingers in a way that will stimulate her G-spot. Now, the G-spot is probably the most sensitive area in a women’s body. So, this combination of kissing and G-spot stimulation can lead her to squirt as well.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you can apply any of these five tips, you will be witnessing reactions from your girl that you have never seen before. Also, you will make your girl totally addicted to your sexually. So, try these tips and you will successfully rock her world with combination orgasms she has never experienced before.

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