How to Date Asian Girls? Here is All You Need to Know!
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There are many non-Asian or American men keen to date Asian women, but they can’t make their way through it. I have had many American boys hit on me, and being an Asian, I cringed every time. They have more of an American style to approach women; yes, there are different ways to approach women.
Asian women are specifically women from Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and Vietnam. I am Asian, and I have dated non-Asian men for those of you who are looking at how you can date an Asian. It is not impossible. In this blog, I will be giving you a guide on how you can date Asian girls based on my own preference and experience.

Some Advises on How to Date Asian Girls

Many men fail to impress an Asian woman because of many misconceptions about us. The first one is that they think we are shy and very delicate. It is true to some extent, but it is not exactly like this. So the first thing is that stop stereotyping all of us the same. You will find many guides, but here I will give you my experienced preference and also what I have seen with my friends.

1. Asian Girls Like Frank Men More

We don’t like it when men come up and make excuses to talk. All of them think that Asians are shy, so that they won’t talk. But I believe that shyness is a personality trait that cannot be labeled to a race. To be honest, I and most of the Asian women I have met like frank men more. If you come up comfortably and talk about random things, it is always appreciated. But keep in mind I have said frank person but not overconfident. Just be a gentleman, come up, talk, and try making a conversation.

2. Don’t Question Their Ethnicity

Many men think that if they talk too much about our country and ethnicity, we will appreciate it. Trust me; we have had too much of it. In a non-Asian country, all of the people, even the pedestrian, and shopkeepers ask us about our ethnicity. After all of this, if a man who is apparently trying to hit on an Asian woman comes up and talks about the ethnicity, it feels kind of suffocating. I welcome conversations about my culture but not too much. We can talk about work, daily issues, and that basic small talk would work best.

3. Avoid Too Much of Language and Asian Conversation

I can tell from my personal experience that once a man came up to me and said hi in Japanese when I didn’t respond to it, he went for Chinese in the next go. At times it is amusing, but at times it looks absurd. So don’t try too hard. Just come up and say hello. We love our language, but we don’t have anything against English. Later on, when you have been dating for quite some time, you can learn a language, and it seems a sweet gesture.

4. Welcome the Asian Food and Cuisines

It is so hard to find Asian restaurants outside Asian countries, and we crave Asian food when not at home. So if you take the girl to an Asian restaurant on the first date, it will surely gain you those brownie points. We don’t like when people make faces seeing what we eat; we never say anything about your hotdogs, so welcome our cuisine as well. Lookup for a great Asian restaurant; it will surely help you.

5. Treat Us As a Person, Not Specifically an Asian Woman

I am a girl, and like every other girl, I like doing things, and the same are my interests as theirs. They might vary a bit from the other American girls, but it doesn’t mean that men tag us as Asian women. If you talk too much like this, it gives a notion that you are objectifying the women because of ethnicity and race, and you don’t look for anything else in that woman.

6. Asian Women Like Hardworking Men

Asian are originally more hardworking because, in our countries, the main focus is on work, not that I am bragging, but Asiancountries are not that developed yet, so work their main focus. So we have seen our families work from morning till evening, it is somewhat aninstinct that we like hardworking men more.

7. We Value Small Gestures More

We are not much into big cars and brands. It’s not that we don’t like that, well who doesn’t like big brands, but it is not necessarily a thing that you can claim to impress us (or any woman in general). A red rose, someone pulling a chair for us at dinner, small updates of your day during the day, and you have no idea how much difference these small gestures can make. I really feel touched by these gestures, and I can tell any girl will love them. Thoughtful and small gestures go a long way in a relationship.


Loving Asian women is not at all wrong, but when you come up to Asian women and say that I love Asian women, it is not at all flattering. It pisses me off so much. It is okay that you are noticing my race, but you can compliment my looks or anything you like. Why do those men always go for our race? So before you approach an Asian woman, make sure to do your homework. Follow the tips that I have mentioned. I am a first-hand witness that they work, and I am sure they will even work for you. So don’t wait anymore and make that Asian girl awe.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog post. Feel free to share any of your tips in the comments section below.

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