How to Sext: Everything You Need to Know to Start Sexting in 2022
putri cinta How to Sext Everything You Need to Know to Start Sexting in 2021

Sexting is an art and I can tell you this from my experience. If you can’t sext properly, you could end up ruining the entire conversation. At times, I enjoy sexting as a part of foreplay because it just gets me into the mood. However, sexting is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

While sexting, I have seen many guys messing it up miserably. You don’t want to do that while sexting. You have to be cautious about each sext you send. The last thing you want to do while sexting is to hurry. It is one of the problems I find with beginners. 

Many ask me how they should start sexting. As a beginner, you need a guide I know. To help you out, I am giving you this guide that will help you to understand some intricate things about sexting. So, let’s begin. 

The Timing

You have to make sure that the timing of sexting is perfect. You need to be 100% sure when to initiate sexting. If your partner is busy and you send him or her, a sexy text, it will make your partner uncomfortable. So, before you send your partner the message, you need to know what he or she is doing. You can send your partner a simple text like “Busy?” Your partner’s reply will let you know whether the time is right for sexting or not. 

Don’t Rush

I believe sexting is all about building emotions and juices. So, you should not cut to the chase from the beginning. You should take things slowly in a way that it would be enjoyable for both of you. First, you need to give a sign that you want to be playful with your partner. If he or she agrees, then you can take things slowly further. One of the best ways to start is by discussing the last night. 

Stay in Character

While sexting, I believe it is very important to remember that I am playing a character. In many occasions, one partner chooses to be playful while the other enjoys the arousing emotions. So, you cannot get out of your character. Your job is to send your partners text, images, or voice messages that are naughty and fuel the fantasy of your partner. It is all about making your partner anticipate that something more is about to happen. 

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

It is very important to remember that while sexting, you should do the things within your comfort zone. Straying away from your or your partner’s comfort zone could end up making the whole thing a mess. Sexting is about making your partner anticipate the steamy sex that you two will have that night. So, start by sending your partner a text or a picture that will make him or her a bit uncomfortable, but your partner will love that. 

Give an Indication before Starting

Before sending your partner any sext, make sure you give a sign of what that message will be all about. It will save your partner from embarrassment. So, before you send your partner a nude selfie of yours, write NSFW which means NOT SAFE FOR WORK and then press enter many times so that the picture does not appear on the lock screen of your partner’s phone. That’s why giving a heads up is very important in sexting. 

Focus on the Visuals

Yes, words can be a very powerful tool to sexually stimulate your partner’s desires. But, what I believe is more important in effective sexting is the visuals. For example, you can take a picture of your cleavage or navel and send it to your partner. It will make him anticipate hot things at night. The more important thing is the angles in which you take those pictures or videos. If you know you are meeting your partner at night, then don’t reveal too much during sexting. You need to make your partner anticipate the things to come. 

Stock Some Sexy Pictures 

If you have made up your mind that you want to make out with your partner or have fun with him or her through sexting, then what I would suggest is to stock some of your hot selfies and lock them inside an app. Sexting becomes more fun if you get quick responses from your partner. I don’t like to wait for a long time when I am in a playful mood. So, stocking some of your pictures will help you with quick responses for sure. 

Know the Sexual Hints of Various Emojis

You will find many emojis that will have sexual implications. Some of them are quite common and some are not. These emojis indicate certain body parts and you can use them to be playful during sexting. I use them quite a lot. Here are some emojis which you can use while sexting that I believe will make the sexting more fun.

  • Banana or Eggplant = Penis
  • Peach = Booty or Ass
  • Cat = Vagina
  • Tongue Out = Pussy Lick

You will find many such emojis with sexual implications. I would recommend you to use them because they can make sexting more playful and exciting.  

Talk Dirty

I must say sexting becomes stalemate if there is no dirty talk. I enjoy talking dirty while sexting because that adds a whole new dimension to it. So, you should ask your partner for pictures of her sexy body and comment on it. Also, tell him or her, what you want to do with your partner’s body. Tell your partner about how you are feeling while imagining you are doing those things to your partner. Dirty talking is surely an integral part of sexting I feel. 

Give Examples of Your Previous Sex

I believe you must have had some steamy sexual experiences with your partner in the past. So, while sexting, bring those examples up so that it can make your partner think and make him or her horny again. I would say express your feelings or what you want, like, ‘I want to be naked in bed right now’ or ‘I am kissing your pussy cat now’. These texts will surely get your partner in the mood to have some fun with you. 

Be Open to Express Your Fetishes

I know you might have many fetishes that you want to fulfil with your partner. But, you might be afraid to talk about them during your normal conversation because your partner can react badly to them. But, while sexting; it is a great time to open up about your fantasies. You have already taken your partner in a land of fantasies. So, it is time for you to express your hidden fantasies. Also, you will not have the pressure of making eye contact with your partner. Also, in that moment of excitement, your partner might end up giving consent to your fetishes. 

Be More Specific About the Details

You have to be a bit more specific when it comes to the descriptions during sexting. Now, I hate when someone is giving vague descriptions and I cannot create imaginations based on it. So, you have to be clear and specific so that your partner can imagine what you are up to in detail. That will be a sexy thing to do during sexting. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

While sexting, you can also ask questions to your partner. It is a very simple way of knowing how your partner is feeling while sexting or whether he or she is enjoying it. Create a questionnaire beforehand to save your time during sexting. I am giving you a few sample questions. You can also create a questionnaire like this;

  • Tell me about your fantasy
  • Are you horny now?
  • Am I turning you on?
  • Which part of my body do you want to see now?
  • How do you want to use my body tonight?

These are some sample questions. You can also add the questions suitable to you and your partner. These questions will make sexting more fun. 

Use Naughty Words 

You cannot have fun while sexting if you don’t use naughty words. So, words like cock, dick, pussy, ass, can turn your sexting into something very naughty. I hate technical words like vagina or penis during sexting. When I am sexting, I am in the mood. At that time, I want to use and read words like cock or pussy. It adds fuel to my desires. So, I would also suggest not to be too technical with words while sexting. Use naughty words to turn your partner on. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, sexting is an art. If you want to master it, then only reading about sexting won’t help. You have to show your guts by doing it with your partner. Now, I have given you this guide that will surely help you in sexting. But, you have to take the initiative now and do it. While sexting, follow my guide and you will enjoy like never before. 

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