12 Tips to Come Together
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One of the most beautiful experiences during sex according to me is coming together. Now, most couples don’t experience this and the reason is they don’t know how to do it. When you come together during sex, it releases energies that you cannot experience in any other way. 

Now, I know that many of you want to come together but struggling to find ways to do that. I have searched the internet as well and found some very bad articles that will never be going to help you to come together. That is why I decided to guide you on this matter. 

Hello, I am Putri Cinta, and I have experienced this awesome phenomenon of coming together during sex several times and I know how to do it. So, bear with me because, in this article, I will give you 12 fascinating tips that will help you and your partner if you two want to come together. 

I know that when you two come together, it will intensify your relationship quite a notch. So, if you and your partner want to come together and enjoy your sexual relationship in a more intense way, then here are the 12 tips that you both need to follow. 

1.   Prepare Her during the Foreplay

Women tend to come slowly than men. It is natural. But a man needs to prepare a woman for her orgasm. One of the best ways he can do that is by rubbing the clitoris. When a man rubs the clits of a woman, this can get things really heated up down there. 

This is a very common thing that most couples tend to forget. They are so immersed in the penetration that they forget about the clitoris and what it can do to steam things up. So, before you start penetrating your partner, rub her clitoris during the foreplay so that she is ready and hot before you start your things.

2.   Control His Arousal

During penetration, a woman gives a man rhythmic stimulation. This helps the man to go for more. Also, as men tend to come faster, this leads to rapid ejaculation. But, you have to make sure that your man doesn’t come early because you might be left behind. 

So, the best thing that you can do is slow your man down. Just take out his penis and play with it for a while. This will help him to get relaxed and go on for some more minutes. You can also take it in your hand and rub it against your vagina. This will also stimulate you and bring you closer to your orgasm. 

3.   Face Each Other: Eye Contact is Important

We are living in this era of aggressive sex. But, we are forgetting that sex needs to be a bit romantic as well. If you want to rough things up occasionally, then that’s fine. But, if you want to have a very good sex life, then bringing some romantic element to your sex is very important. 

Now, what can be more romantic than eye contact during penetration? It will take the intimacy that you and your partner share to the very next level. Apart from that, through eye contact, you will understand when your partner will come. So, it will help you to adjust your pace because you two want to come together. 

4.   Get on Top of Him

If you and your partner want to come together, then you as a woman need to take control of the situation. The best thing that you can do for that is to get on top of him. When you do that, you will be in control of the rhythm of penetration. 

So, what you will do is move with his magic wand inside you just as much as it would trigger stimulations for you. Also, it will create sensations for him in a way that he will slowly go towards the climax. This position will ensure that you are stimulating your G-spot to perfection. 

5.   Slow Things Down for Him

When a man is about to climax, his thrusts will become faster. A woman will understand easily when a man is about to come. That is when you need to slow your partner down. Instead of penetration, start kissing and caressing each other’s body. 

Meanwhile, you need to take his penis out and let it relax for a while before she starts pumping you again. This will ensure that you move closer to your orgasm. You have to stop your partner from penetration you before he gets to the point where he cannot control it.

6.   Make Him Perform Kegels When He is About to Come

There is a huge misconception that the Kegels exercises are only for woman but it’s not. Men can also perform Kegels to last longer in bed. However, most men won’t believe this. But, if you take my word and practice Kegels regularly, then you will see the difference. 

Now, during penetration, your partner can perform Kegels to penetrate you even deeper hitting your G-spot. This will speed up your orgasm and you two will be able to come together. Look, coming together is all about prolonging the orgasm for men and speeding up the orgasm for women. With Kegels exercises, men can truly last longer in bed. 

7.   Use the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Look, women can do a few things to speed up their orgasms. I won’t say that it will help a woman to attain orgasms rapidly, but it can certainly reduce the time she would take to get an orgasm. One such thing that you can do is use your pelvic floor muscles when you are sensing stimulation inside. 

You have to contract the muscles many times so that it increases the blood flow inside your V-zone. It will also trigger responses that will take you closer to the orgasm. You can do this for the best results when your partner performs Kegels. 

8.   Have a Rhythm in Thrusting

You know what, I feel one of the things that will prevent you from coming together will be your movements during penetration. Yes, I know you love to thrust her pussy. But, you need to make sure that she feels each and every stroke that you give her. 

That is why you should maintain a rocking rhythm during penetration. It will get her clitoris back in action and will also lead her to orgasm faster. Also, in this way, you and your partner can come together and have an exhilarating sexual experience. 

9.   Use the Hands

Do you know that your hands are the weapons that you can use to speed up your female partner’s orgasm? Yes, while you penetrate her, don’t always focus on the feelings you are getting from each thrust. Instead, you can use your hand to bring her closer to an orgasm.

Yes, you can touch her vagina and stimulate it while thrusting her. It will get her clits charged up and ready to explode. As her clit is ready and you are also pumping her, it will just only be a matter of time when you both explode and come together. 

10.                 Focus on the Touching Sensations

Your senses play a big role in ensuring that you and your partner know each other well. Do you know how your partner feels when you touch her? Do you know the kinds of sensations you have when your partner touches you? Once you know these touching sensations, during the intercourse, it will help you to understand what your partner wants and so, you will ensure that you and your partner come together. 

11.                 Spooning Can Be a Great Position

I believe spooning is one of the most romantic sex positions. It brings two people close in an adorable way. You two will be so close that you will be able to count your partner’s breath. So, you can control his or her orgasm because if your partner starts to breathe heavily it means he or she is close to having an orgasm. Spooning will bring you back in control and it will help you both in coming together. 

12.                 Have Signs to Indicate When You Are Close to Orgasms

If you are having sex with your partner and you don’t know when he or she could come, you should design certain symbols that will indicate the situation to both of you. Even a slight pinching might work brilliantly as a symbol. As you know when your partner is about to come and you are far away from your orgasm, you can take controls in your hands and play accordingly so that you both come together. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, you might think that coming together is impossible because women take time to have orgasms. But, trust me; it is possible if you take care of the little things during sex. Follow the tips I have given here and you will surely find positive results shortly by coming together.

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