17 Tips for Giving Your Partner an Erotic Massage
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Your partner cares for you more than anyone else in this world. So, how about giving your partner some care back when he or she needs it the most? Your partner deserves an erotic massage from you. But, are you ready to give your partner what he or she wants?

Look, I know you have been searching for ways to give your partner an erotic massage. You might have stumbled onto some articles on the internet which failed to help you truly. Yes, you won’t find good articles on the internet when it comes to erotic massages.

It is quite sad but you don’t need to worry because, your sexpert, Putri Cinta, is back with a comprehensive article on erotic massage. In this article, I will give you 17 tips that will help you in giving your partner an erotic massage that he or she will remember for a long time.

Look, giving your partner an erotic massage is an art. And, in my opinion, you need to master it if you want to please your partner with such a massage. With my tips, you will surely find help in your endeavour. So, without further ado, here are 17 tips for giving your partner an erotic massage.

1.   Set the Ambience

You will be giving an erotic massage to your partner to make him or her feel relaxed. That is why ambience plays a huge role. You have to make sure that the ambience is comfortable for your partner to have that massage. You can cover up the little flaws in your massaging skills by setting the right ambience. 

2.   Prepare the Room Well

It is very hard to enjoy a comfortable massaging session if your room is filled with clutter. This can happen if you have a child at home. But, when it is time to give your partner an erotic massage, the first thing that you need to do is de-clutter your bedroom. An erotic massage is always enjoyable in a clean environment. 

3.   Tea Light Candles Can Be a Great Addition

The lights that you use during the massage also play a huge role in making your partner happy. As the massage will be erotic, it needs to have that feel of intrigue and seduction. For that, you can tea light candles scattered throughout the bedroom just give the place a nice and seductive atmosphere. 

4.   Take a Warm Bath with Your Partner

Now, you will be wondering how you should start the massage. Well, in my opinion, you should always start with a hot bath with your partner. It will ensure that his or her muscles are relaxed and warmed up. It will set your partner’s body perfect up for your hands to perform its artistry. 

5.   Warm-Up By Rubbing the Hands

Applying some oil is important to glide your hands throughout the skin of your partner. It will also help with his or her stress relief. However, you would want to rub warm oil with your warm hands. For that, rub the oil in your hands to warm it up or you can place the bottle of oil in warm water to keep it warm. 

6.   Begin with Lighter Touches

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to arouse the senses of your partner so that they are ready to receive the erotic massage. That is why you should start the massage with some long and light strokes from head to toes. You don’t need to use the oil if you don’t want to at the beginning. 

7.   Back Massage with Oil

When it comes to the back massage, it will be incomplete without oil. So, take a generous amount of oil in your hand, rub it, and start giving some long strokes in the back aligning with the spine. You should not put extra pressure on your hands here because the oil in your hand will help you to glide through the skin of your partner. 

8.   Increase the Pace Slowly

When you are giving an erotic massage, you must take care of the speed at which you are giving the massage. The best thing that you could do is start with slow strokes and as time moves on, you can increase the pressure and the strokes following his or her muscles. It will give your partner awesome relaxation. 

9.   Full-Body Massage

You would want to give your spouse the best experience of an erotic massage and for that, the best thing that you can do is give him or her full-body massage, Take your touches to each and every part of your partner’s body. You can kiss any area if you want or rub your body on that partner to make the massage more sensual. You should also check for the responses of your spouse. 

10.                 Don’t Have Any Expectations

This one is important because it happens with a lot of couples. As you are giving an erotic massage to your partner, you might be expecting something in return immediately. But, your erotic massage was so good that your partner is completely relaxed and cannot reciprocate your affection at that time. But, you will get what you want later if you have patience. 

11.                 Get Naked during the Massage

Getting rid of the clothes at first can be an awesome way to start the massage. It will give your partner a perfect indication of where you see things going. It will also help you to use your body in the perfect way to make the massage more erotic. 

12.                 Create a Sexy Playlist for the Massage

Music can play a big role in creating an erotic ambience. Many couples would look for a calm ambience sound that they will play during the massage. But, I would suggest that you create a sexy music playlist and play it during the massage. It will take your massaging experience to a new level. 

13.                 Touch the Sensitive Areas Slowly

The sensitive parts of your partner’s body can be very receptive when you are trying to make him or her horny through your massage. They can also help your partner to relax the body. That is why you should touch those zones in your partner’s body slowly to improve his or her experiences. 

14.                 Don’t Just Rely on Your Hands

You have to remember that you are giving an erotic massage to your partner. So, using only your hands will be a waste of time. So, while you touch his muscles, you can also use your lips, teeth, and tongue to explore your partner’s body. It will create a sensual feeling for sure. 

15.                 Massage the Shoulders

It is important that you massage the neck and shoulders of your partner. Use your thumb to rub those areas. A lot of people nowadays go through a stressful life. As you massage the area around the neck and shoulders, it will release some amount of stress and make your partner feel relaxed. 

16.                 Know the Areas Where Your Partner Needs a Massage

Now, it is difficult for you to understand where your partner needs an erotic massage. So, this is where communication becomes very important. Ask your partner where he or she wants to get a massage. In this way, you will be able to make your partner feel completely relaxed. 

17.                 Essentials Things You Need During the Massage

During an erotic massage, I feel that you need some things that will make the massage more fascinating. For that, these are some of the things that I think you should have if you want to give an erotic massage;

  • Massaging oil
  • A soothing space 
  • Towels
  • Blankets or sheets
  • Sexy and relaxing music playlist

Have these in place before you start the massage and you will give your partner an experience that he or she will never forget. 

Bonus Tip #1: What a Woman Should Wear During the Massage

If you don’t want to get naked during the massage, then I would suggest you wear a silk chemise or any silk sexy dress that your partner would like you to see put on. The reason why I am emphasizing the clothes made of silk is the material will help you glide across your partner’s skin to give him a soothing experience. 

Bonus Tip #2: Places for Men to Touch in a Woman’s Body during a Massage

Women love the touches from the person they love and as a woman, I can tell you that. So, when you touch your partner, she will feel comfortable and get stimulated at the same time. As you want to give her a relaxing and erotic massage, you should be gentle with your strokes and check for the responses to identify the areas where you will be touching your partner. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, giving an erotic massage is not that hard if you know some of the ways that I have mentioned in this article. I believe these 17 tips will help you a long way in giving your partner the sensual and erotic massage that he or she deserves. So, go ahead and give your partner an erotic massage now and take your intimacy to newer heights. 

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