10 Ways to Turn a Woman on with Just Your Voice in 2022
putri cinta 10 ways to turn your women on with just your voice 2021

When you ask any man about what represents his manliness, he would say his muscles, beard, or abs. However, you will hardly listen to someone saying that his voice is also a key element for his manliness. Voice is probably the most neglected element in a man’s sex appeal. 

Do you know that you can turn a woman on just with your voice? Sounds unbelievable, right? But, who can tell you about this better than me? Yes, I feel attracted to a man whose voice is attractive and I can also tell you that any woman will feel this attraction too. 

When you go on a date and you speak with an unattractive voice to a girl, she will not take much time to friend-zone you. So, make sure your voice is attractive and making her rivers flow as soon as she hears your voice. You don’t want to end up in the desert. You want to be sitting on the bank of her river drinking the tasty water, right?

Yes, you can make your girl wet with your voice. I know you are struggling to fathom how you can do that. Here, I will be giving 10 tips that will work miraculously if you follow them. So, let’s begin. 

10 Tips to Turn Your Girl on with Your Voice

So you are wondering how you can have such a voice that will turn on any women. Let’s see those 10 tips now that will help you to be attractive to women and maybe also, turn them on.

1.    Yawning for a Deep Voice

A deep voice makes a woman feel that you are an alpha. It just turns them on because most women like men who take control of the things and a bit authoritative. Now, for a deep voice, one of the best tips that I can give is yawning. You need to yawn regularly because that will relax the muscles in your throat and because of that, you will sound deeper with your voice. So, you need to yawn regularly to make your voice deeper. 

2.    Breathe Correctly

Have you ever tucked your tummy in while talking to a sexy belle? That is probably the worst mistake you can make. Yes, it will make you look thinner which is great. But, actually, a woman wouldn’t mind a little bit of fat in the stomach as much as she would mind a man with an unattractive voice. When you tucked your tummy in, you also tucked in your voice. As you were not able to breathe properly, your voice was lacking a deep touch. That is why I believe taking deep breathes can work wonders and turn your voice into a deeper and sexier voice that will attract any woman. 

3.    Have Water at Regular Intervals

If your vocal cords are dry, then you will end up having a high pitched voice. So, if you are speaking for a long time, then your vocal cords will dry up. As a result, the pitch of your voice will be higher. You don’t want that if your target is to have a deeper voice. So, you need to hydrate your vocal cords at regular intervals. It will make you sound deeper. So, the next time you go on a date or need to speak in front of the public, keep a bottle of water and sip it on a regular interval. It will help you in sounding deeper. 

4.    Control Your Rate of Speech

Speaking at a high rate of speech is truly pathetic. It does not let the other person understand you properly. As you speak fast, you lose control over your voice. As a result, you will sometime have a shrill voice. So, if you tend to speak fast, become aware of your habit as soon as you start speaking. Start speaking at a slow pace by catching your breath. You can also practice it by standing in front of the mirror and speaking to yourself. 

5.    Avoid Using Nasal Voice

One of the major turn-offs for women has to be a man with a nasal voice. I can tell you I would hate to speak to a man who is speaking in a nasal voice in front of me. It sounds so weird to me and I am sure most of you will have the same feeling. So, if you are unsure about whether you speak nasally or not, just test it. For that, you just have to hold your nose as you speak. If you have a nasal voice, you will feel like you are speaking from your nose. To get rid of this nasal, yawning and breathing are the two techniques that can be very helpful. Try it, and you will surely reap positive results. 

6.    Have a Breathy Voice

Do you know what is more attractive to women than a deeper voice? It’s a breathy voice. If you have a deep voice but it’s non-breathy, it will not be as attractive to women as you want it to be. The main reason for this is most women love to have an alpha male with them. Any alpha male will be aggressive in nature. However, if your voice has breathiness about it, it will show a woman that even if you are aggressive and powerful, you will not harm her. That is what a woman wants from a man. That is why you need to develop a breathy voice to make your voice smoother to listen. 

7.    Speak with Authority

You should have a sense of authoritativeness in your voice. It just gives a woman the sense of security she craves from a man. Now, sounding powerful with your voice does not mean you will be screaming while speaking. That will be the most hilarious thing to do. When it is about sounding more authoritative and confident, you need to let the voice come from deep within you. You will find many contents over the internet that can help you to speak with authoritativeness. 

8.    Don’t Let Your Voice Crack

If you speak for a long time and in long sentences, then your voice will crack. The reason for that is the lack of breath. Hearing that kind of a voice is so very annoying for any girl. So, if you don’t want to annoy a girl with your voice, then you have to stop your voice from cracking. There are some ways you can stop your voice from cracking. 

  • Speak in shorter sentences
  • Breathe properly while talking
  • Get a grip on your rate of speech

If you can properly follow these tips, you will surely manage to stop your voice from cracking. And, I can tell you from my experiences, a girl will love to have a man whose voice is strong and does not crack. 

9.    Stop Sounding Monotonous

I have seen many guys sounding monotonous just because of their voice. Now, if I am out with such a guy, I would be kicking myself because I know my evening will be as dull as ever. Now, you need to learn voice modulation. When you speak in a monotone, you will be sounding the same whatever you say apparently. So, it will make a girl confuse and will send a message to that girl, this person is insecure. You will not find a single girl who would like to jump into the bed with such a man. Thus, you cannot sound monotonous if you want to turn on a girl with your voice. 

10. Speak in a Sophisticated Manner

Women like well-articulated men. It is a sign that the man is doing well professionally and he is confident in his life. Women find security with such men and that is why most women crave to be with such a man. Also, it is an indication of being sophisticated and well-read. So, a woman can speak about different subjects with that man without getting bored. Now, that is another thing that makes a man sexy. Thus, when you are speaking in front of a beautiful lady and you want to turn her on, make sure you don’t use slangs. The choice of words you use will have to be precise, well-pronounced, and articulated. It will surely be a turn-on for a woman instantly. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, you now have the 10 exciting tips that will make you turn a woman on with just your voice. But, you need to follow these tips to get the results you want. Remember, to achieve control over your voice modulation, you have practice regularly. So, keep practicing by following these tips and within no time, you will start seeing positive results. You will surely become the favorite man for any girl. 

Putri x

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