20 Anal Sex Tips, 7 Positions & How to Get Her on Board for Anal
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If you are someone who only has vaginal sex experience and never tried anal or get scared even just by the thought of it, you should try it at least once. Anal sex will open up a newer dimension in your sex life. And who else is better at telling you about anal sex than me? Hello, I am Putri Cinta and I will take you to this comprehensive and enlightening guide about anal sex where you will learn how to convince your partner about trying anal sex, 7 positions that you can try with your partner, and 20 tips on anal sex that will enhance your overall experience. So, read till the end because you will learn some very interesting things about anal sex through this article.

How to Convince Your Partner to Have Anal Sex

Pleasure is Greater than Pain

You have to make your girlfriend understand that the pain she will feel due to anal sex will be less than the pleasure she could experience. And, if you do it correctly, she won’t even feel any pain. So, you should talk to your partner first and make understand how you will please her during anal sex.

Create the Ideal Setting

Creating the right setting where you can have anal sex with your partner is very important I believe. The reason is if your partner is nervous, her anus will become tighter and you will find it very hard to get inside and she will feel some pain. So, create an erotic setting that will make her horny and forget all her stress. Remember, she needs to be in a relaxed mood to enjoy anal sex.

Lube Makes Things Easier for the Anus

Anal sex without lubricants can be very painful for you and her. You should know that her anus will not get wet with foreplay. You would have to use lube to make it wet and then get inside her ass. Only then, she will feel the real pleasure of anal sex. While using lubricants, use as much as you can because the more slippery it gets, the deeper you can go inside her ass.

Don’t Emulate Porn

One of the biggest problems that I feel couples have while having anal sex is that they look to emulate a porn scene. You have to remember that in a porn movie, actors perform just to make your feel horny and masturbate. It doesn’t have a good connection with your pleasure. So, you should not try to emulate a porn scene because it can make your experience even worse.

7 Sex Positions You Need to Try During Anal Sex

1.    Extended Reverse Cowgirl

Get your partner on top of you and she will have her face in the other direction. Now, she will lean back to have her palms taking the support on your shoulders or the bed (as per your height). After this, she will move her waist to and fro for amazing anal penetration. It will help you penetrate deeper.

2.    Happy Baby Pose

Another great pose for deeper penetration during anal sex is the happy baby pose. Get your partner lying on her back and bent her legs up in the air. Now, help your partner in grabbing the sole of her feet. It will stabilize the posture and you will easily penetrate her ass deeper.

3.    Legs on Shoulder

This is a classic sex position and you can call it an upgraded version of the missionary position. While having sex in missionary, you just have to place the legs of your partner on your shoulder at a 90-degree angle. This angle will make it easier for you to penetrate deep into her anus.

4.    Sit to Stand

This is a nice sex position for deep penetration. Apparently, you might think that pose is quite similar to legs on the shoulder. Yes, you are right but in this pose, you will stand on the edge of the bed with your partner’s legs on your shoulders. Have a pillow at her back so that you can get a better angle for much deeper penetration.

5.    Spooning

It is a very common sex position and something that will give your terrific pleasure during anal sex. Both of you will be lying on the side with your partner facing the opposite side. Now, enter her from behind at this very pose. It will give a nice romantic feel to your anal sex.

6.    Stand and Deliver

You can do this position almost anywhere if you get a flat surface where your partner will lay back. Now, once she is lying on her back, place one of her legs on your shoulders with her knee slightly bent. It will give you a good opening from where you can start penetrating while standing.

7.    Missionary

This is the classic sex position that almost everyone has tried. But, it is also very effective when it comes to anal sex. As your partner is lying on her back, you just crawl to get on top of her and start penetrating her. It is a very romantic pose because while penetrating you can kiss your partner and look her in the eyes.

20 Tips on Anal Sex that will Amplify Your Overall Experience

1.    Stay Relaxed

It will help you to prevent your anal muscles from getting tighter and you will enjoy anal sex better.

2.    Use Safe Words

Use various safe words so that you understand when to move faster or slow it down.

3.    Show Respect to Your Partner

Don’t get carried away while penetrating her anus. You should show her some respect as it will relax her more.

4.    Ask Permission before You do Anything

Whatever you want to do during anal sex, you should be asking permission from your partner for that. It will ensure she is enjoying what you are doing.

5.    Let Your Partner Guide You during Penetration

During anal penetration, you have to listen to your partner as a guide because it will calm her down and make penetration that much less painful.

6.    Use Silicone Lubes

The reason why I would recommend using silicone lubes is that these lubes will last for a long time and thus, you will enjoy that much more.

7.    Begin with a Dildo

You need to set things up before you penetrate her and that is why slowly penetrating her anus with a dildo first will be a good idea.

8.    Try Anal Foreplay during Periods

During periods, you can try anal foreplay just to make her prepared for anal sex if you have any plans in the future for anal sex.

9.    Stimulation at Anal Opening

You must stimulate the anal opening before penetration as the area has many nerve endings which will please your partner.

10. Clitoral Stimulation

Don’t forget to stimulate the clitoris during anal sex as well because it will help your partner relax and feel sexually aroused.

11. Use Heated Lubes

What a heated lube will do is bring the blood flow back to the anal region ensuring better stimulation and pleasure for your partner.

12. Relax the Anal Muscles

You have to make sure that your partner is chilled and relaxed because only then, the tight anal muscles will relax and you will be able to enter her without causing any pain.

13. Create a Cool Area for Anal Play

Sex can be messy and anal sex can be messier and thus, create an anal play area where you can have fun with your partner without the stress of a mess.

14. You Won’t Usually Poop during Penetration

Yes, you won’t poop generally during anal sex and you could feel like pooping because of the new sensations you are having in that region.

15. It Won’t Hurt You

If you use lots of lube during penetration, ideally, it shouldn’t hurt and you will feel the pleasure.

16. Ideal for Shower Sex

Anal sex is brilliant for shower sex or even bathtub sex. You don’t have to worry about cleaning or hygiene for that matter under the shower.

17. Slow Movements at the Beginning

Don’t start pounding your partner’s ass from the word go as you mostly see in porn videos. Start slowly and if your partner tells you to increase the speed, then you can go full-throttle.

18. Change Positions

Having sex in the same position will make your body suffer and make sex uninteresting. So, use various positions to make things spicy.

19. Communicate during Penetration

Talk to your partner during penetration and seek her feedback and change your actions accordingly.

20. It Won’t Be Dirty

You will have very little faecal material at the bottom part of the rectum. So, your anal sex won’t be as dirty as you think of it.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you can enjoy anal sex with your partner by convincing her about it. Use the tips I have given in this article so that your anal sex experience becomes memorable and your partner keeps pushing you to enter into her anus. It will be a feeling you won’t like to forget.

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