Is Your Girlfriend Bad/Boring in Bed? Check These 10 Tips
Is Your Girlfriend putri cinta Bad Boring in Bed Check These 10 Tips

I have heard many men complaining that their girlfriend is boring in bed. She is very bad at sex and doesn’t like adventures in bed. It is something that I am tired of hearing from men and I have decided to solve your problem through this article. 

Yes, you can have your old and adventurous girlfriend back in bed if you follow the tips I will give you here. I know how devastated you feel because your sex life is one of the most important aspects of your life. If you don’t enjoy your sex life, you will not have a fulfilling life. 

It is true for everyone. That is why I am intending to mend your sex life with the knowledge that I have. I will not only be telling you the tips to make your girlfriend adventurous in bed again but will also tell you the mistakes you are making for this condition of your sex life. 

Apart from that, you will know why your girlfriend is facing difficulties in making you happy in bed. She also wants to have a great sex life. But, she must be having some problems and for that, performing badly in bed. 

So, this article will be a comprehensive guide through which you will be able to make your girlfriend happy and she will be excited to have sex with you again. Therefore, let’s begin. 

Mistakes You Must Avoid So That Your Girlfriend Remains Excited in Bed

Sometimes unknowingly, you could end up making some horrible mistakes for which your girlfriend might lose interest in having sex with you. It happens a lot and if you rectify those mistakes, then you could bring back her interest in sex. So, here are some of the mistakes that you must avoid if you want your girlfriend to have an interest in having sex with you. 

Force Her to Experiment against Her Will

You cannot force her to experiment against her wishes. If you like to experiment with your sex life a lot and she is against the idea of experimenting too much, it will make her feel bad about sex. 

Pushing Her to Continue in Having Sex for Longer Hours

You can last for a very long time in bed. This is good for you. But, your girlfriend may not last that long and so, you push her for more. It will discourage her and damage her confidence.

Make Her Try Sex Positions which She Feels Uncomfortable

Some people face difficulties in executing certain sex positions. If you make her try sex positions in which she feels uncomfortable, she will lose interest in having sex with you. 

What Will Be the Result of Your Mistakes?

Now, you may not know that these are mistakes. You might think that you are doing it to make her better in bed. But, what will happen is, she will lose her confidence and feel awful about having sex. If she a bad experience in having sex, these emotions will arise in her mind;

  • Emotional detachment
  • Frustration with sex
  • Anger with the partner

However, if you can give her a good experience in having sex, you can change her attitude to sex and generate these emotions;

  • Trust
  • Joy
  • Intimacy
  • Happiness
  • Satisfaction

Why Your Girlfriend is having a Bad Time While Having Sex?

Now, if you want her to have these emotions when she thinks about having sex, you have to understand why she is having such a bad time in bed. Well, I am giving you a list of problems your partner could be facing for which her sex life is getting ruined. Identify the problem and work on it so that she could enjoy her sex life as well. 

Poor Communication

Without good communication, your relationship will be going through a tumultuous phase which will also impact your sex life negatively. 

Bad Attitude

You have to behave properly with her. If you force her in bed, then your bad attitude will damage her confidence and make her bad in bed. 

Lack of Energy

If she comes home exhausted from her office work and you want her to have sex, then she will have a lack of energy. You can expect her to perform well in bed with such exhaustion. 

Dull Routine

Probably your sex routine is very bad. Maybe you are doing the same thing over and over again. That is why your partner is getting bored. 

The State of Relationship outside the Bedroom

If you and your partner are having a very bad relationship outside the bedroom, then it will reflect on your girlfriend’s performance in the bedroom. 

Her Sexual Insecurities

The reason why your partner is performing badly in the bed could be she is having some sexual insecurities which she is not ready to tell you. 

Lack of Libido

Your partner may not have a huge sex drive like you and you want to have more sex with her which will create a problem between you two.

Lack of Confidence in Sex

She does not have confidence in sex. Or, perhaps she is yet to discover the full potential of her sexuality. So, this lack of confidence is causing her to perform so badly in bed. 

10 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Better in Bed

Now, you know the problems. But, it is time to find the solutions. A lot of you would be waiting to know how to make your girlfriend perform better in bed. Well, now I am going to tell you 10 important tips that will make your girlfriend excited to have sex with you again. So, let’s begin. 

1.    Start with a Conversation

The best way to mend any problem with your relationship is through a conversation. You have to communicate how you feel about your partner’s sexual attitude. If you have a soothing conversation, things could become better. Your partner will understand your point of view and know where she is going wrong. 

2.    Improve Your Performance in Bed

If you perform well in bed, it could motivate her to be better as well. It happens to many couples. When one starts to perform well, the other follows too. So, you have to improve your performance so that your partner could follow your trail. 

3.    Increase Your Energy

You and your partner should start to follow a healthy routine. You two should exercise a lot and eat good food so that both of you can have an abundance of energy in bed. No matter what, you and your partner need to improve your energy. 

4.    Help Her in Improving Performance

If you know where she is lacking in her sexual performance, then you should tell her. No one can help your girlfriend in performing well in bed than you. Your inputs may come in handy in improving her sexual performance. 

5.    Experiment at Times

If you keep on doing the same things in the bedroom, things will get boring. Your girlfriend may start to lose interest in having sex as well. So, you need to experiment with your sex life with the consent of your partner. It can make your sex life spicy again. 

6.    Improve the Relationship outside the Bedroom

The relationship between you two outside the bedroom plays a very important role in how you two enjoy inside the bedroom. Therefore, both of you are having some kind of problem outside the bedroom, find a solution to that first.

7.    Know Her Insecurities

Your girlfriend could have insecurities that are holding her back while you two have sex. So, as her partner, you should look to know about those insecurities. After that, address those insecurities so that your partner could have better experiences while having sex with you. 

8.    Help Her in Boosting Sexual Confidence

You need to help her in boosting sexual confidence. Many people lack sexual confidence, maybe because of the looks or body or not knowing how to please a man. But, you can act responsibly and help her in boosting sexual confidence. 

9.    Improve Her Emotional State of Mind

The emotional state of mind also plays a big in the sex life of a person. If your girlfriend is suffering emotionally, then you should do everything you can to improve her state of mind. You should make her happy and in return, you could expect happiness in bed from her. 

10. Never Force Her to Have Sex

Forcing her in having sex is a huge mistake that you must avoid. If she is not comfortable doing something, never force her for that. It will make her feel bad about having sex and in the long run, it will be bad for both of you. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, if your girlfriend is getting bored with sex or doesn’t feel excited about sex anymore, then these are some of the things that you can do to bring her excitement back. I know why girls can feel less excited about sex because as a girl, I can understand girls better than any man. So, follow my tips as it will help you in bringing your and your girlfriend’s sex life back on track once again. 

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