The 20 Best Foods to Raise Men’s Testosterone
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I know how obsessed men are with their testosterone levels. They want it to be at the optimum level and that is good for them as well. But, in order to boost their ‘test’ levels, sometimes they do things that harm their bodies. You should not take any unnecessary drug without a prescription to boost your testosterone levels. I think you understand what I am trying to imply.

Yes, it is important to improve your testosterone levels especially if it is low. Without a proper testosterone level in your body, you will struggle to improve your muscle mass and the worst thing is, you will lose your sex drive. You struggle to last longer in bed as well. Also, you may have erection problems. So, it is important to improve your testosterone levels without harming your health.

But, do you know that you can improve your testosterone levels by eating some simple foods as well? Yes, changing your diet and including healthy foods in it will be the best way you can improve your testosterone levels without harming your body. So, what are those foods? In this article, I am going to tell you about 20 such foods that will increase your testosterone levels.

1.   Tuna

I love Tuna fish and being Putri Cinta, a public figure, I have to look after my diet continuously. That is why I always include a serving of Tuna. It fills my need for Vitamin D which keeps me healthy. But, for men, Tuna can be a great source to improve your testosterone levels as well. Two or three servings a week will be enough for you to boost your testosterone.

2.   Cereals

I also like to take lots of cereals in my meals. They also give me Vitamin D and various other nutrients which are healthy for my body. You can take cereals at the beginning of your day so that you can start your day with a boost of testosterone and be active throughout the day. It is something I like to do a lot.

3.   Egg Yolks

Some of you who are conscious about getting some extra calories might look to avoid egg yolks. But, let me tell you that egg yolk can be a fantastic source of vitamin D and it can also improve your low testosterone levels. If you don’t have cholesterol issues, you can safely have egg yolks.

4.   Low-Fat Milk

One of the ideal things in my mind that you can have for your breakfast is low-fat milk. The reason I am saying that is low-fat milk is a great source of calcium and protein. Also, it is rich in vitamin D which will help you to maintain your testosterone levels steadily.

5.   Shellfish

You need to intake an adequate amount of zinc each day. Now, shellfishes like lobster or crab can help you with that. These are not only tasty but also filled with zinc. So, they will also help you to maintain an adequate testosterone level in your body and improve it if the level is low.

6.   Oysters

If you want to have a better sex drive, then zinc is one of the things that you have to intake through the food that you eat. Oysters are a great source for that. Zinc will increase your testosterone levels and will also help those who suffer from zinc deficiency.

7.   Beans

If you are looking for a great vegan source for zinc intake, then you can go for beans. They are fantastic when it comes to zinc content and they will also help you in improving your testosterone levels. Beans will also protect your heart wonderfully.

8.   Beef

Yes, some people like to avoid beef because of certain health complications. But, you cannot deny that some cuts of beef will help you to boost your testosterone levels. One such example is the beef liver which is a great source of vitamin D and can help you to maintain a good level of testosterone in your body.

9.   Grapes

Let me talk about a fruit now that can give a boost to your testosterone levels. Grapes are brilliant in this regard and I eat lots of red grapes whenever I get the opportunity. It is good for my skin and, for men, it will significantly help in boosting testosterone levels.

10.                 Pomegranate

Yes, ‘the forbidden fruit’ can actually boost your testosterone levels. If you have a lower sex drive, then pomegranate can help you to solve the issue. Also, it is rich in anti-oxidant. So, you wouldn’t need a second thought to have pomegranate juice regularly. It is good for your health.

11.                 Garlic

I am sure that many of you like to have garlic and it is also a great source to boost your testosterone levels. Garlic has allicin which reduces cortisol. Now, with the reduction of the stress hormone, cortisol, testosterone will fill that void and eventually boost its level on your body.

12.                 Honey

I love honey because it is a healthy way of eating something sweet. Also, honey is rich in boron which is a mineral that helps in boosting testosterone levels. That is why consumption of honey regularly will improve erection problems by building up testosterone levels.

13.                 Cabbage

I think men who want to have a better testosterone level should look to intake cabbage a little bit more. The reason for that is cabbage helps you to reduce oestrogen which is a girly hormone. So, as a result, the testosterone level of your body will become more active and potent. Also, cabbage has other benefits for your health as well.

14.                 Ginger

Ginger is a great way of boosting your testosterone levels. As per research, taking ginger regularly can improve testosterone levels in adults. So, if you are facing any sexual disorder, ginger is something that you can think about consuming regularly.

15.                 Spinach

I think you now know how Popeye used to get power after eating spinach. Yes, spinach is a great source of magnesium which prevents proteins as they look to tie with testosterone. So, your body will have adequate free testosterone left that it can use. Therefore, your sex drive will increase as well as the muscle mass in your body. That is why you can take spinach if you have testosterone deficiency.

16.                 Avocado

I think avocado is one of the healthiest foods that one can have. It can certainly have an impact on your testosterone levels. Various studies have shown the positive impact of avocado on testosterone levels. I also like to consume avocado. So, if you are looking to boost your testosterone levels, you can look to have this nice fruit.

17.                 Almonds

As you already know, foods rich in zinc content can improve your testosterone levels quite a bit. One such food that you can have is almonds. It is a rich source of zinc and will surely help you in boosting the production of your testosterone hormone.

18.                 Salmon

There are three major nutrients in Salmon that helps you with your low testosterone problem; omega-3, vitamin B, and magnesium. These elements work together to improve the workings of testosterone in your body. So, as you consume salmon regularly, you will see a sharp spike in your testosterone levels.

19.                 Lemon

Lemon is a great source of vitamin A which will boost the production of testosterone in your body. Apart from that, it will lower the production of oestrogen levels as well. Also, lemon can reduce cortisol or the stress hormone from your system. Therefore, as you consume lemon regularly, you will see that the testosterone levels have increased quite a lot. I also prefer to have a lemon on my food list.

20.                 Bananas

Let’s finish with a fruit that I really like to consume which is banana. What I love about banana is that it keeps me energized for a long time. The reason for that is an element called bromelain which is present in banana. This element also improves testosterone levels as well. Also, banana is a good source of anti-oxidants which keeps my body healthy. So, whenever I need to snack, I like to pick one banana because I like to eat healthy foods even while I am snacking.

The Bottom Line

Finally, these are the 20 foods that you can look to have if you are looking to improve your testosterone levels. Yes, only eating foods will not be enough because you need to live an active lifestyle to boost your testosterone levels. So, you have to exercise daily as well. Here, I have given you a list of foods that can help you in boosting testosterone levels. Which foods you want to include in your diet is up to you and your dietician. Make sure you consult your doctor before starting a new diet because the doctor will understand your health condition well and will prescribe the new diet accordingly. 

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