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Putri Cinta What Women Want in 2021

Hey! I’m Putri, and I want to let you into some secrets to help 10x your sex life. Ever wanted to know exactly what women are secretly wishing for? Ever wanted to know exactly what a women want in bed? Have her running to tell her friends how good last night was, with my 5 ultimate wants women are looking for in 2022.

2022 has ushered in a New Age. As we are in the process of rebooting into the new world, how about a peek into what the Woman in The New Age Want In The Bed?

Be The Communicator

Verbal communication is a significant yet often disregarded element of sex. Exploring this aspect a little more in depth could transport one to a wilder adventure during sex. It could be initiated in setting rose petals and tea candles, it could be done by watching an arousing scene in a show. There could be several ways. What’s important is that it will show her your earnest desire and keenness to please her. Your effort in the process is unlikely to escape her notice.

Variety Unleashes The Spice & Sizzzzzle

To cast away the mundane-ness of routine you could engage in a few options to kick in the kink. Role-play is a quite a prevalent trend in the bedroom among partners. Indulging in dirty talk is equally capable of fanning the flames of desire. Some pretty exciting memories can be created in the various other nooks and corners, when you have the house to yourselves. There’s always a wide array of positions to be experimented with.


Being Attentive Towards Your Woman In The Bedroom Your displaying selflessness in the bedroom could prove to be a huge turn on for your partner. Attentiveness towards her signals, reactions and communication is likely to ensure heightened levels of arousal in her. Dropping in a unexpected compliment or endearments bang in the middle of encounter could well be the icing on the cake. Alternate forms of stimulation, such as digital stimulation with neatly clipped nails, clitoral or oral stimulation are other allies which will improve the prospects in your campaign of pleasure. A touch of sensitivity and respect, will not only help you score brownie points, it would also infuse your partner with loads of confidence and boost her feeling of self-worth.

It’s THE Toy !

It’s not just the cuddly stuffed toys that she likes. Try THE TOY. Stimulation from vibrators can lead to her achieving some pretty intense orgasms. With the exponential value it contributes during the act may it’s pretty much a Genie from the magic lamp where you’re concerned; capable of granting a downpour sensuous gifts from her.. to you. So, when you’re ready to play be sure you Bring THE TOY !

Exploring Her E-Zones

A woman’s e-zones or erogenous zones are bonus hotspots which you’d do well Not To Give A Miss! Knowledge of your partner’s carnal cartography could lead you to unearth pleasure-troves which’ll send your Excite-O-Meter rocketing through the seven heavens of euphoria. Behind her ears, her earlobes, finger tips, nape of neck, inner thighs… well there’s quite a few erogenous your lady has ready on offer. You just need to be diligent enough to work them to pleasure her. Massaging, gentle nibbling, tickling and pinching… your finger-game opportunities just broaden the horizons for both you and your partner.

These are my top tips for what women want in 2022. I assure you that putting these into action are going to set you on a track to further success with your women. Stay tuned for more tips from me Putri Cinta.

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