How to Make Her Squirt: Everything You Need to Know (2022)
putri cinta How to Make Her Squirt Everything You Need to Know 2021

Squirting is that heightened sense of pleasure when the fluid comes out of the vulva during sexual play. Now, I know a lot of women who struggle to squirt and the inability to make them squirt of their partners leads to the lack of pleasure in sex for them.

I guess most men want to know how they can make their girl squirt as most men struggle to do so. Look, making a girl squirt might seem easy but it’s not. You might think that just inserting fingers inside the pussy is enough to make a girl squirt. 

But, to make a girl squirt, you need to give her a complete experience of sexual play. You can call it an art as well. So, now the question is how you can make your partner (wife or girlfriend) squirt easily. For that, you need to follow a process. 

Now, you also should know that certain sex positions can elevate the chances of squirting for women. I feel some sex positions are created in a way that will help a woman squirt which is a heightened pleasure for them. 

Also, you need some tips that will help you execute the process and finally, make your girl squirt. So, in this article, I will go through all this. For men, this article will be the ultimate guide that a girl is giving to them so that they can give the highest sexual pleasure to their partners. 

Step By Step Guide to Help Her in Squirting

Making a girl squirt is an art. Therefore, you have to keep on practising with your partner. I have seen many couples enjoying this process as they both master the art of squirting. The cooperation between both couples is very important for a girl to squirt. So, here is a step by step guide that will help you to make a girl squirt easily. Follow this guide while you play with your partner down below;

Prepare the Surroundings

You have to prepare the surroundings to stay less stressed out. Now, to squirt, a girl needs to have a free mind. If she thinks about the mess she will create when she will squirt, it will prevent her from squirting freely. That is why it is important to prepare the surroundings. Keeping everything clean and having a towel below will make your partner less stressed out. She will be able to focus on the actions happening below rather than thinking about the mess. 

Keep Her Comfortable and Calm

You need to make sure that your partner is feeling comfortable and calm when you are playing with her pussy. If she has any prior experience of squirting with another man, and she is doing it for the first time with your, she might contract her muscles due to a slight embarrassment which will make it harder for her to squirt. This happens quite often with girls who have sex with multiple partners. So, you have to make sure that your girl does not feel embarrassed and has a calm mind when you play with her vagina. 

Begin with Foreplay

The most important part of making a girl squirt has to be the foreplay. You have to do everything you can so that you set the base right before start working on her vagina. During foreplay, your focus has to be touching the most sensitive parts of her body. Generally, the most sensitive part of a woman’s body is her breasts. So, work on her breasts as much as you can so that

Locate the G-Spot to Stimulate

Now, here comes the main thing, you have to locate her G-spot. But, I know most men have no idea as to where the G-spot is for women. So, I will tell you a quick way of finding her G-spot. Hence, you will be able to focus on pleasuring her rather than locating the G-sot.

Use lubes on your fingers and insert them inside the vagina of your partner (preferably two fingers). Next, with your fingers inside, you need to make a beckoning movement. As you make that move, you will be touching her G-spot and she will be trembling right now.

After that, you can tap or stroke, or caress her G-spot. The place will feel like the outer skin of an orange. As you keep on stimulating the G-spot, she will be getting closer to her orgasm. 

Don’t Stop Even If the G-Spot Begins to Swell

After stimulating the G-spot for some time, things will get a bit stressful for you if you are doing it for the very first time. The reason for that is, the G-spot will start to swell. Here you need to know that without the blood filling the area, your partner will have a very hard time squirting. 

That is why even if the G-spot is swelling, don’t get stressed up. Keep going as you on the right path in making you squirt. You can rest assured she will be having the time of her. As the pressure keeps building, it will feel like she is about to pee. Well, it is the sign that she is about to squirt. 

Don’t Stress Her Out

When she is on the verge of squirting, she will be feeling the stress. The reason for that is she might be thinking about the mess or might be confused about whether she is going to squirt or pee. Look, it happens to girls who are going to squirt for the very first time. 

So, the situation will be very stressful for her. Therefore, you have to make her feel relieved. If you stress her out, she will have a hard time squirting. Now, how much she will squirt will depend on the girl. Look, the amount of fluid coming out varies from girl to girl. 

So, the girl could worry if only a small amount of fluid comes out because, in porn movies, she might have seen a fountain leaking from the vagina of the girls. But, you have to reassure her that the amount of fluid varies and thus, she should not feel stressed out. 

Sex Positions to Help You in Making Her Squirt

Some sex positions are ideal to make a girl squirt as they can stimulate the clit and the G-spot easily. So, here are such sex positions that you can use to make your partner squirt;

  • Reverse Cowgirl: It is the best position to stimulate both the clit and G-spot. Your partner will have the control which will take away all her stresses.
  • Spooning: It is a brilliant position for G-spot stimulation. Also, by adjusting the position, she can create scopes for clit stimulation as well.
  • Doggy Style: With this pose, you can access her vagina walls. But, you should go for shallow strokes to stimulate her G-pot. Holding a vibrator on the clit in this pose will make her squirt. 

Best Tips to Make a Girl Squirt Easily

You now know what you need to do to make her squirt easily. Also, you know the sex positions that will help you in making her squirt easily. Apart from that, here are some extra tips that you can follow which will help you in making her squirt easily.

Include a Sex Toy

Sex toys have become a very popular thing among couples. Well, one of the best things that you can use to make your girl squirt is a vibrator. It helps in stimulating various parts of her vagina wonderfully. Apart from the vibrator, there will be so many other types of sex toys that you can use to make your girl squirt. So, including a sex toy during your playtime with your partner will include a fun element for sure. 

Give Encouragement to Her

You have to encourage her to squirt. Yes, if the girl is trying to squirt for the first time, she will be feeling stressed. At this stage, she would be looking for encouragement from her partner. So, what you can do is say some encouraging and loving words to her. As her partner, you should know the words she loves to hear from you. You can say those words which will make her happy and she will feel motivated to squirt. 

Keep on Enjoying the Process

If you want to make your wife or girlfriend squirt, then you have to work on her vagina for a long time. At times, you might get frustrated if she is not squirting or if you are failing to locate her G-spot. But, you cannot feel discouraged by this. You have to enjoy the process and in that way, you will be able to make her squirt. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, these are some of the most important and basic things that you should understand if you want to make your girlfriend or wife squirt. I have given you the insights from a girl’s perspective because nobody can understand better what a girl wants other than a girl. So, follow this guide to make your girl squirt easily. 

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