Top 20 Outside Sex Spots For Exciting Public Sex in 2022
putri cinta top 20 outside sex spots for exciting public sex in 2021

I, Putri Cinta, have seen many couples getting bored with their sex life. The reason for that what I feel is they don’t even think about trying something different with their sex life. As a result, after some time, things become monotonous. Sex is all about pleasure. 

But, if you think it’s only about physical pleasure, then you should also know that emotional and psychological pleasure is also important in sex. Otherwise, it is impossible to have a satisfactory sex life. Yes, you can say that sex is an art. 

But, if you are only having sex within the walls of your bedroom, then you are limiting the enjoyment you can have. It might sound weird to you but, public sex can be very exciting if you can do it with subtlety. It will improve your sex life immensely. 

Now, you will be questioning where you should be having public sex. In this article, let’s discuss 20 such places where you can have public sex easily. 

1.   Roof

Yes, the rooftop of your house can be a very exciting place to have sex. While you are making out with your partner, the cool breeze will brush your skin which will increase the level of excitement. Also, feeling all the thrust while gazing at the sun will be an exciting thing for anyone. Moreover, you can head over to your roof during rain to have the feel of natural wet sex. It will be amazing for sure. 

2.   Backyard

When you are trying out public sex for the very first time, it is better to do it within the places you already know well. Just like the roof, the backyard of your house can also be a great place for your intimacy. But, make sure that the place where you will make out with your partner is discreet and your neighbours cannot peek there. 

3.   Car

I guess you have watched a lot of porn movies of the present time when you see the actors having sex at the back of the car. Yes, it is hot I can tell you that. So, what about trying it out? It will be a brilliant experience I can assure you. Also, if it starts to rain, it will become an experience to savour for sure.

4.   Isolated Beach

If you live in an area where there is a secluded beach, then it can be a fantastic location for your outdoor sex. You don’t need to play any music to make your public sex wild and erotic. Nature will play the soft music of the waves to give you and your partner a wild experience that you two will remember forever. 

5.   Woods

Do you and your partner love camping? Then you can head out for a secluded wood where you will find ample scope to explore each other’s sexuality among the wilderness. It will be a fascinating experience. But, try to do it in a standing position or you might have to withstand the bug bites. 

6.   Music Festival

It is an experience of a lifetime to have sex during a music festival. In many music festivals, you will find areas where you can camp. So, set up a tent and start your action while listening to some of the best tunes. You will remember this sex for a long time. 

7.   Underwater

Have you ever thought about having sex underwater? It can be an amazing experience. You and your partner will feast with each other’s wet skin. Now, you need to be a bit careful while having sex in a pool. The condom might slip away because of the water. Also, it could be painful if you don’t use lubricants. So, keep that in mind while having sex underwater. 

8.   Aeroplane

Sex in an aeroplane is completely fascinating. You and your partner will be soaring high in the sky. So, you will have your heartbeat pumping when you get to the lavatory of the aeroplane and start making out. It is an experience that very few can have and they stay in your heart forever. 

9. Boat

I can tell you that when you are in a boat with your partner, you can get a turn on. It happens with most couples. So, don’t wait to jump onto each other. If you and your partner are sailing on a private boat, then you don’t have to think too much. Just start the pumping. The boat might shake a little but that will only add to your excitement. 

10. Secluded Side at a Library

I believe that people love to do things which are forbidden. It is happening for years. The more you suppress, the urge becomes more intense. The library is one of those forbidden places where you cannot even think about having sex. Just find an isolated corner and take your partner there for steamy sex. The satisfaction will be unimaginable. 

11. Movie Hall

You all know about the corner seat antics of couples. Usually, you will notice that even if the whole theatre is almost empty, you will find couples in the corner seat. What do you think they do? They just cut the moans and begin their wild action. You should do that too with your partner for an exciting experience. 

12. Sauna

Some of the community pools or public clubhouses have saunas that people generally don’t use. They are left wasted but you can make use of it in a special way. Take your partner there and you two can surely have steamy sex (literally) there. But, make sure no one comes while you are busy making out. 

13. Open Field

Have you ever thought about having sex in the open field? Yes, it is a bit risky and your concerns are quite right. But, I am not asking you to have sex in the open field where people come and go. You should pick an open field which is often secluded and go there during fog so that you and your partner’s acts won’t be visible to anyone. 

14. Elevator

Sex in the elevator is something that you have seen in the movies a lot. But, what about trying it out? Yes, it is a bit risky. But, the fact is the thrill and excitement you will experience during sex will be unbelievable. So, for that, I feel the risk will be worth it. 

15. Cave

If you travel to a hill station, then you just have to follow the stream there. You will surely reach a place where you can find a cave. After that, don’t waste a single second. Get on top of each other and experience the adventure of outdoor sex similarly to what our ancestors used to do. 

16. Dark Alleyway 

You will be thinking that making out in a dark alleyway is very risky. But, what I would say is, that is the whole point of having public sex, right? You want to add some excitement to your sex life. Now, the kinky experience you will have in a dark alleyway will be the most exciting experience that you can ever have during public sex. 

17. Corner of the Art Museum

Yes, sex is art. So, what about manifesting your mastery in that art to your partner by having sex in an art museum? Well, you need to find a corner where very few people go. After that, begin your steamy action with each other. I have to say it is a nice place to have public sex.

18. A Tent

If you love camping, then go out with your partner, set up a tent, and start your action. The excitement of having sex in a camp will be terrific. You can also play some naughty games to make the whole atmosphere exciting. However, while having sex in the tent, you have to be careful that the tent does not fall off. 

19. Graveyard

Recreation activity among the dead, sounds weird, right? But, I feel this is what can make sex in the graveyard so very exciting. If it is around evening when the sun is setting, it will add a spooky feeling which will add to the adrenaline rush. Well, if the dead people come alive to watch you in action, don’t be surprised!! I’m just kidding!!!

20. Against a Tree

It is the classic outdoor make out of high school students. Even though you are a grown-up now, the charm of this make out will enthral you. Wrap your feet around your partner and let him do the rest. It will be a great workout for both the partners and the excitement of having sex like this will make an absorbing experience. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, sex in public is something that you may not have considered yet. But I, Putri Cinta, can assure you that if you can do it smartly, it will bring back that lost spark in your relationship. If you are having sex only within the walls of your bedroom, then you are limiting the pleasure you can have during sex. So, plan for public sex and find pleasure in your sex life like never before. 

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