14 Steps to Give Her an Anal Orgasm
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When it comes to anal play, most of us have taboo. Many would say no and many would take up the challenge of anal play. Now, let me tell you, those who have embraced anal play have fallen in love with it. I am also one of them I have to admit here.

And as your sexpert, I would want you to explore your sexuality in more than one way. See, sex is all about pleasure and if you do it the same way, you will end up getting bored. So, you should keep on experimenting to spice things up in your bedroom. 

Now, when it comes to anal play, you should know that certain things can make your anal play more pleasurable. Apart from that, you can also have anal orgasms which will take things to a whole new level. But, most of you have no idea about anal orgasms I guess. 

In my opinion, anal orgasms are something that you really need to experience if you want to know pleasurable they can be. So, I can sense that you want to know more about this hidden storehouse of pleasure that you have down below. 

So, here I am, Putri Cinta, your sexpert, giving you 14 steps that will help you to give your partner an anal orgasm. If you follow these steps, you can rest assured your partner will get addicted to you in bed because anal orgasms feel that good. Thus, let’s begin. 

1.   Clean the Area Properly

The first thing that you have to keep in mind if you try anal play is cleanliness and hygiene. Whenever you think about the anus, you will have certain preconceptions in your mind that will prevent you from taking up anal play. Yes, the area contains bacteria and if you decide to have vaginal sex once you are done with anal play, it can cause infection. So, before you begin anal play, it is better to clean the area properly. 

2.   Make Your Partner Feel Comfortable

If you want to give anal orgasm to your partner, then you have to understand that your first job is to make your partner feel relaxed about it. Your partner will have all sorts of thoughts in her head whenever she thinks about anal play and not all of those thoughts are pleasant. So, play romantic music and dim the light in the room so that she gets into the mood straight away by avoiding all those negatives thoughts in her head about anal play. 

3.   Take a Hot Bath to Get Your Muscles in the Groove

Your anus has some tight muscles and for that, anal play at times can be painful. But, you don’t need to freak out because there is a way you can loosen up those muscles. The simplest way I think you can do that is by taking a hot bath. This will ensure your muscles are prepared for playtime. During a hot bath, just rub your sensitive areas and rub your anus a bit and you will be ready for the anal play. 

4.   Get Horny by Indulging in Some Erotic Contents

Look, it is important to get horny before you start anal play. If you dive straight into the anus, it will give the body a sudden shock which might make the play more difficult and in such cases, anal orgasms will be a far cry. So, the best thing you can do even before the foreplay begins, watch some erotic content. You can watch porn or read or listen to erotica that will get your body prepared for the things that will unfold in your bedroom. 

5.   Don’t Forget about the Lubes

No matter what, the one thing you cannot forget during anal play is using lubricants. As you know, unlike the vagina, your anus will not release any fluid for self-lubrication. That is why you have to make sure you are using a generous amount of lubricant to find pleasure during anal play. It will make sure you reach anal orgasms without experiencing any sort of discomfort at all. So, never ever forget about lubes if you want to experience anal orgasms. 

6.   Prepare Your Hands to Give Pleasure to Your Partner

Now, if you are the one who will give the anal orgasm to your partner, then you need to take care of your hands as well. If you have long fingernails, it can cause discomfort for your partner. Also, bacteria may get stuck in such fingernails while they are inside the anus. So, the best thing that you can do is trim your fingernails. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands before and after you have given your partner an anal orgasm. Furthermore, you can also wear latex gloves that will give you and your partner extra comfort during anal play. 

7.   Communicate with Your Partner Throughout

Look, many people are not comfortable with anal play. So, before you begin, make sure you have the consent of your partner. After that, throughout the session, you and your partner should communicate thoroughly because that will ensure you get all the pleasure of anal play and do not feel any pain. Also, tell your partner where he is going right or wrong. This type of proper communication during anal play can make it an experience of a lifetime. 

8.   Prepare the Area for Anal Play

It is important to prepare the area around your anus before you start anal play. It will increase the chances for you when it comes to having anal orgasms. The best thing that you can do is prepare a setting where you will get into the mood. If you can get a clitoral orgasm before entering the anal play, it will make your anus prepared for the play and you can experience an anal orgasm like never before. 

9.   Use Foreplay to Relax Your Partner

I don’t know many people don’t give too much importance to foreplay. They are just looking to dive straight into the action. But, that is wrong and you should never do that. You should give time to prepare your body for the action. If you start anal play without any such foreplay, it will be difficult for you to experience the pleasure. So, give time to your foreplay and things will work out much better during the anal play. 

10.                 Use Your Fingers Well

Look, you need to prepare your anus for the anal play by using your fingers. For that, apply a generous amount of lube to your anus and slide your pinky finger inside the anus. Once you start feeling the sensations there and don’t feel any pain, once again apply lubricants and now, insert a bigger finger. This will ensure that your anus is ready for anal play. 

11.                 Try Out Various Sex Toys

I think the anal play is the ideal time to use various sex toys. You can find prostate massagers or anal beads that are ideal for anal play. While choosing a sex toy for anal play, make sure it has a loop or flared base. In this way, you will ensure that the toy doesn’t get inside the anus completely accidentally. Apart from that, after anal play, don’t forget to clean those toys regularly as it is vital for your cleanliness and hygiene. 

12.                 Try Various Techniques to Find a Suitable One

You can take your partner to anal orgasms with various techniques. You can start rimming in the anus with your fingers or tongue. Also, there are various sex positions that you can try to give your partner anal orgasms. You should try all those techniques before you find a suitable one. Every person has a different preference for anal orgasms as far as the technique go. You just have to give proper time to figure out the technique that will suit you. 

13.                 Stimulate Sensitive Areas in Your Partner’s Body

As you are having an anal play, it doesn’t mean you will ignore other sensitive parts of your body. Such parts play a pivotal role in ensuring that you reach an anal orgasm. So, while stimulating the anus, spend time stimulating other sexually sensitive parts of your partner’s body that will lead her to an exploding anal orgasm. 

14.                 Don’t Be in a Hurry; Give the Pleasure Slowly

No matter what, you need to remember this. If you intend to give an anal orgasm to your partner, you can be in a rush. If you are in a hurry, instead of giving her pleasure, you will be inflicting pain on her. So, take your time and go slow. In this way, she will surely get anal orgasm.

The Bottom Line

Finally, these are some of the crucial steps that you need to take to give your partner an anal orgasm. Not many people will tell you about them but these steps are very important. As you now know how to give your partner an anal orgasm, go ahead and try. You will be successful this time. 

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