How to Talk Dirty with a Girl without Embarrassing Yourself
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When you are having sex with your partner, more or less, you will stay silent. That’s what most people do. However, I like men who talk dirty during sex without embarrassing themselves or me. I am sure most girls would love to have a man in bed who can communicate properly during sex. Now, what you talk about during sex should not sound like a lecture. It should sound more erotic to add fuel to the already burning fire inside you and your partner. Therefore, dirty talking during sex with a girl is an art that you should master if you want to experience the highest possibilities of sex.

I am not saying that all the girls have already mastered the art of dirty talking. Also, I am not saying that girls should not talk dirty. However, as a girl, I know one girly thing, and that is we want men to initiate dirty talks in bed. That’s what also turns us on. Now, you understand why you should look to get better at dirty talking. However, you should always first try to find out whether your partner likes to have dirty talks in bed or not.

Many girls don’t like to talk dirty. So, even if you start dirty talks with them, they will not reciprocate. So, all your efforts of learning dirty talks will go in vain. But, if you know that your girl wants to hear some dirty words from your mouth when you are pounding her or playing with her pussy, then you have to learn the art of dirty talking thoroughly. I can assure you it will create a positive change in the way you had sex before.

Mistakes Men Make while Talking Dirty with Girls

As you already know, dirty talking is an art and you need to master it. But, before mastering it, most men try it with their partner only to fail miserably. You should never do that. You need to know some simple things that will elevate the way you talk dirty with your partner. Also, you should know the mistakes people generally make while talking dirty. You should be aware of them while initiating dirty talks with your girl.

Not Understand When to Say What

When you want to talk dirty with your partner, you should also know when to say what. So, what you say to her pre-sex will be different from what you would be saying during sex and also after sex. However, most men use a script of dirty talks that they get from the internet and memorize it. As a result, they don’t when to say what because it will not be mentioned in the script. So, rather than memorizing the script, what you can do is let your feelings out profoundly during sex. Also, never use the same phrases again and again.

Not Knowing How Much Profanity the Girl Likes

I can tell you one very important thing right now and you should keep this in mind all the time when you look to start dirty talks with your girl. There is a fine line between talking dirty and insulting. You can talk dirty with your girl and she would love it. Also, you can talk dirty with your girl where she will feel insulted. Now, this problem happens because men don’t know how much profanity a girl wants in the dirty talk. For example, if use the words like ‘slut’, ‘whore’, and ‘bitch’ to describe a girl, some girls might love that. But, for some, it can be insulting and a big turn off during sex. So, you should know how much profanity in the language your girl prefers. That will be the parameter until you can go in your dirty talks with that girl.

Not Using Emotions in Dirty Talks

You know what, I can easily guess whether the man is talking dirty from the inside or just faking it. Some men think that they are way too smart and a girl would never understand whether they are faking with their dirty talks or not. However, girls can understand this easily and this will be a big turn off for her as well. So, your dirty talks should come in from the inside filled with emotions. That is when your partner will go crazy about you. She will love it when she knows that what you are saying is coming from the core of your heart. So, if you want to make her involved and feel good in your dirty talks, use emotions in your words. Without emotions, your dirty talks will be useless.

Best Tips to Improve Dirty Talks with a Girl

Now, you can understand the mistakes that men generally make while talking dirty with their partners. You would definitely want to avoid them. Also, what I am going to tell you now is tips that you can follow to improve your dirty talking skills. So, make sure you follow my tips because they have helped many of my male friends improve their dirty talking skills. And, I am sure they will help you too.

Describe How You Feel

In every human being, there is an animal ready to unleash during sex. This animal is in your head and it wants to talk dirty. But, you need to unleash it strategically. If you tell your partner one of two phrases, it will not heat things up for you. She wants to hear such phrases time and time again for that, you have to make sure you are describing what you are seeing in your girl. For example, “Baby, you’re looking hot.” This is a simple statement. But, you can turn it into a descriptive and more erotic sentence like, “You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen naked and I just fucking love that (body part) of yours.” These types of sentences are more erotic. So, it will definitely heat things up for you.

Know the Adjectives that Excite Your Partner

Another smart way to make yourself better in dirty talks is by knowing your partner better. Once you do that, you will be able to know the phrases or the adjectives that excite your partner. Yes, certain adjectives can literally excite a man or a woman. There are certain adjectives or phrases that excite me too. So, when someone uses them for me, it just a big turn on. That is why before, during or even after sex, if you use those adjectives or phrases for your partner, it will be something she will be delighted to hear. Such words can be a big turn on for the before sex dirty talks as well.

Take Dirty Talks outside the Bedroom

Now, I have seen many people using dirty talks inside the bedroom. That is also good. But, you want to feel the excitement all the time, right? Then why should you be using dirty talks only side the bedroom? Yes, your bedroom is your private space. But, when you are outside your bedroom, you can still talk dirty and keep your relationship spicy. For example, if your partner is in the office, then ask her whether she is alone. If she says yes, send her a dirty message that will turn her on. Similarly, when you are having dinner at a restaurant, you two can have some dirty talks privately that will set the tone for the impending action that night.

Stop Worrying about Embarrassment

One of the main reasons why men embarrass themselves during dirty talks is they worry too much about the embarrassment. I am sure most of you felt anxious before initiating dirty talks with your partners. It is normal and happens to almost everyone. But, what you need to do is stop worrying about it. You would want to know whether your partner is interested in dirty talks or not. For that, you at least need to say something dirty to her which will not have too much profanity. However, if you don’t have the confidence to do this, then you can simply ask her about her opinions on dirty talks. It will surely give you an indication of whether she likes dirty talks or not. But, no matter what, you have to be confident during dirty talks. If you worry too much, you will end up embarrassing yourself again and again.

The Bottom Line

Finally, dirty talks are a part of sex. I can’t say that it is an integral part but some girls really love to talk dirty during sex. But, they want their male partners to initiate things. So, you have to make sure you make yourself better at dirty talking with girls. You can easily now do that by following my tips and avoiding the mistakes I have already told you in this article. In this way, you will feel confident while talking dirty with your partner and you will never ever feel embarrassed.

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