Putri Cinta’s 9 Tried & Tested Tips to Improve Your Sex Life in 2022
Putri Cintas 9 Tried Tested Tips to Improve Your Sex Life in 2021

Sexual wellbeing goes hand in hand with both your mental and physical fitness. Many a time, couples get stuck in the rut of sexual drought and lose the spark which can hurt your sex life. Even though every couple experiences a phase where Sex seems tedious, but that doesn’t mean you should hold back from addressing the issue and let your declining sex life deprive you of sexual pleasures.

One of the leading causes of a deteriorating sex life is the physical transformation our bodies go through as we age. Another is the familiarity with your partner. The better you know someone and the longer time you spend with someone in bed, the sex becomes all the less exciting. Thus, a lot of people fail to realize and enjoy the full potential of sex in the later stages of their relationship.

However, I have rounded up a list of some tried and tested tips and tricks that could not only help reignite the sexual passion in your relationship but contribute to a healthier, exciting, and fulfilling sex life.

Talk about Sexual Preferences & Watch Erotica

Communication is the key to a successful relationship and a fulfilling sex life. Start talking to your partner about what you like in bed and how you like it. Discuss your fantasies and even better, select an erotic fantasy of your choice to watch with your partner. You can even dedicate a night to sex-fact-finding and browse the internet for all the exciting new positions and roleplays that could bring excitement to your sex life.

Plan an Erotic Date Night – Get into Roleplays 

With all that talk about fantasies and roleplays, why not get into the groove and give Sexual roleplay a try. Trust me when I tell you this, nothing works better than some erotic roleplay when it comes to rekindling the passion in your Sex life. Put on that school girl uniform or the waitress dress and let your man be the teacher or your frequent customer at the restaurant. If you are wondering where to get all that stuff from, search online and you will find tons of stores near you where you can get the perfect roleplay dresses and accessories.

Toys Are Not Just a Kids Thing

Spice up your sex life with the right sex toys that could be used during those steamy moments with your partner, over a video call with your partner or even for your own. Play it safe with just an ordinary vibrator, dildo or furry handcuffs or go into unexplored territory with spank paddles, nipple clamps and restraint dresses to experience an ultimate bondage fantasy with your partner. 

Masturbate in Front of Your Partner

Nothing beats masturbating in front of your partner when it comes to rekindling intimacy with your SO. Masturbation allows you to practice a level of vulnerability whilst letting your partner in on your sexual preferences. It is not only an enjoyable experience for your partner, but also increases the dopamine levels in your body making you feel rejuvenated. You can even use remote-controlled vibrators and let your partner please from a distance allowing them to see you squirm and whither with pleasure. A plus point is that the next time you get in bed with your partner, they will know exactly where and how you like to be touched. 

Kama Sutra is Your Best Bet

No matter how long you have been in a relationship, there’s still that one position which you still haven’t tried. Delve into the details of the Kama Sutra and try an exciting new sex position. Experiment with your comfort zone and surprise your partner by seducing him in places where he least expects. Pro tip: try the famous kitchen counter or the office table. 

Kegel Exercise are Helpful

There’s nothing quite like preparing your body for the magic of sex and Kegel exercises just help you do that! With most couples, arousal becomes difficult or delayed over time, this could either be because sex with your partner has become boring or your body has naturally transformed and the hormones take their time. Improve your sexual fitness with Kegel exercises as they increase the blood flow to your vagina/penis ultimately improving lubrication and reducing arousal time. 

Set the Ambiance on Fire – Literally

Candles, flowers, silken bed sheets and a hot lingerie are a key ingredients to a steamy night of passion. Rekindle youthful romance simply by donning that seductive black lace lingerie that you haven’t worn in years, or better, buy a new one, preferably in sheer fabrics. Light up the room with scented candles and through rose petals around to set the mood and you are surely in for a night of lustful sex. 

Prep Is Important 

The worst mistakes couple can make is not prioritizing or giving enough importance to sex routines. While spontaneous quickies are fun in themselves, you shouldn’t solely rely on that for a fulfilling sex life. Maintain physical hygiene, don your best lingerie, wear that seductive perfume and create an ambiance that promises you sensual sex. In addition to that, it is never wrong to schedule sex in advance. Decide to put away all responsibilities once in a while and prepare yourself for a sensual night. 

Physical Affection is the Key

When was the last time you casually held hands with your partner while watching a movie or simply cuddled to sleep? Physical affection not only strengthens your relationship but also keeps the sexual spark alive and helps to create an emotional bond with your partner. If you are going through that phase in your life where your sex life is on the decline, start showing little gestures of intimacy even when you or your partner are exhausted or stressed out, compliment your partner with a speck or a smooch often.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about reigniting the sexual spark in your relationship. With these tips and tricks, I can guarantee you an immediate improvement in your sex life. Putri x

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