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Sex and music have a fantastic connection. However, most people don’t realize that. They don’t want any music in their bedroom when they are having sex with their partners. But, I wouldn’t suggest this because I like to listen to my favourite sex playlist while having sex.

It just creates a different vibe and aura in the bedroom which makes sex more intriguing and exciting. Now, you could be thinking about which songs you would want to listen to while having sex with your partner. Before proceeding, let me tell you that different people have different preferences.

So, what I like to hear may not be suitable for you. But, knowing my list will give you an indication of how you can select songs for your sex playlist. Also, I am going to give you some tips on sex music that you can use to make the environment more erotic for your sexual extravaganza. So, this is Putri Cinta and I would suggest you read this article completely if you want to enhance your sex life through the power of music and songs.

 Top 20 Sex Songs to Include in Your Playlist

Here is a list of 20 songs that will give you a fair idea as to how you need to select sex songs for your playlist. I also have some of these songs in my playlist. So, I guess, you will enjoy listening to them while you and your partner keep on playing with each other’s bodies.

1.    “Lay Lady Lay”- Bob Dylan

This song from Legendary Bob Dylan has to be there in your sex playlist. I love the vibes I get from this song during my intimate playtimes. The manly voice of Bob Dylan will surely help in creating an erotic atmosphere in your bedroom.

2.    “I’m on Fire”-Bruce Springsteen

This 80’s song is special because of the different vibe it creates inside the room. Bruce Springsteen’s voice is amazing and the entire music is just what I need to kick-start my playtime with my partner. You can also listen to this one.

3.    “Wicked Game”- Chris Isaak

I just enjoy this song a lot. The beautiful guitar riffs in this song by Chris Isaak are just scintillating. Also, the music is quite nice to hear during romantic times. It just creates a different ambience inside the room and it is something I want when I am having intimate times with my partner.

4.    “Fade Into You”- Mazzy Star

This is one more song that I would highly recommend you have in your playlist when you are looking to get intimate with your partner. I just love the guitar strumming in this song. It creates a different euphoria which I really like about this song.

5.    “French Kiss”- Lil Louis

I have to say this is a legendary song and a song that you should have in your sex songs playlist. Produced in 1989, this song is still relevant for those wanting to hear a girl’s moaning along with the beat, a perfect song for the times when you want to be intimate with your partner.

6.    “Sexy MF”- Prince

Most people would remember this sultry track from 1992. It is one of those songs that will make you listen to it time and time again and especially when you want to make love to your partner.

7.    “Video Phone”- Beyoncé

Beyoncé does have an addictive voice and some of her songs are very sexy. This one is my personal favourite and I like to hear this soundtrack when I am trying to get sexy with my partner.

8.    “Love to Love You Baby”- Donna Summer

This song has a nice vibe to it and you will enjoy it while you play with your partner. I love the beat of this song and you can certainly have this Donna Summer number in your playlist.

9.    “The Sweetest Taboo”- Sade

The lyrics of this song are very heart-touching and that’s why I love to listen to this song. It will set the mood up quite nicely in your bedroom for the play to begin.

10. “Closer”- Chainsmokers

Yes, this song is something that I have on my sex songs playlist. I just enjoy this song because of its vibe and the beat. The entire ambience the song creates is amazing.

11. “I Just Wanna Make Love to You”- Etta James

If you enjoy listening to blues, then this is a song that you would like. This is a masterpiece from Etta that has a seductive tone in it and something that I really like about this song.

12. “You Really Got Me”- the Kinks

If you want to hear a lusty song during the foreplay when you want your partner to crave you more, this is a song to go for. It will surely set up the mood in the room.

13. “I Want Your Sex”- George Michael

I like George Michael and this is one song I especially like to hear during sex. The charm of this song is so vibrant that you would fall for your partner again. It is a lovely song.

14. “I Feel You”- Depeche Mode

If you are looking to create a dirty ambience in your bedroom while having sex, you can play this song. It is an ideal song for those having kinky sex. It will enhance your experience.

15. “I Can Tell”- 504 Boyz

It is one of those songs that give you a good vibe while making love to your partner. I occasionally play this song during sex and I don’t think you will dislike it.

16. “Lay It Down”- Al Green

Most of Al’s songs are sexy and this one is something I enjoy. If you haven’t heard this song before, go ahead and play it, you will understand why I have this on my sex songs playlist.

17. “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me”- Father John Misty

When it comes to Indie-Rock, this song is something I enjoy a lot. The self-loathing defined in this song takes the entire love-making ambience to a whole new level.

18. “Feel Like Makin’ Love”- Roberta Flack

This song creates a nice mood in the room and I have experienced it. I really feel like making love whenever I hear this song. So, I would like you to hear this song before including it in your sex playlist.

19. “Jeepster”- T. Rex

The seductive tone of the song is what drives me towards it. I have to say that I enjoy this song a lot and sometimes play it on a loop during sex. I am sure you will like it too.

20. “La Isla Bonita”- Madonna

The classic Madonna number is something you can play just to set up the mood in the room. It will be the prelude for the impending action that will happen in your bedroom.

Tips to Choose the Best Sex Music for Your Sex Playlist

1.    Keep Adding

Listening to the same songs in a playlist will make things boring. So, keep adding the songs that you find that will suit the mood. It will keep the playlist fresh and you will also enjoy listening to those songs.

2.    Have a Long Playlist

You don’t know for how many hours you and your partner will make love. You two can go on and on. So, the playlist should have enough songs to go on till the end when both of you are exhausted. Therefore, it is better to have a long sex playlist.

3.    Avoid Filthy Lyrics

Sometimes, you tend to add songs that have filthy lyrics and you think your partner will love it. I am not saying that everyone will hate such songs. But, some people might get offended by such lyrics. So, if your partner finds such lyrics offensive, try to avoid those songs as they could ruin your moments.

4.    Don’t Forget to Include the Favourites

Every person has some favourite songs which they like to hear anytime. Similarly, your partner will have his or her favourites too. So, while creating the sex playlist, you should not forget to include the favourites. It will make the mood more intense in the bedroom.

5.    Instrumental Tracks Can Be Good Too

Yes, I have only talked about songs in my list of 20 songs that I recommended prior. But, I can tell you that there are many beautiful instrumental tracks that you can play to create a beautiful mood in the room. It will help you and your partner to be present at that very moment while having sex.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you want to have steamy sex, music can be a great tool that will enhance your experience. Sex is all about the pleasure and the euphoria that you experience with satisfying sexual encounter is beyond words. The music will be a layer that you will add to your sex life to enhance your experience.

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