Top 12 Celebrity Accounts at OnlyFans That You Have to Follow: Unless You Want to Miss Out
Top 12 Celebrity Accounts at OnlyFans That You Have to Follow Unless You Want to Miss Out

You know how this pandemic and lockdown affected the lives of people from different spheres. Even your favourite celebrities were not able to get away from the effects of the lockdown. They had to plan a whole new way of promoting the projects that they were about to launch. That is why many celebrities choose OnlyFans as a great platform to connect with their fans during the lockdown. 

And, some of those celebrities do have a huge fan following and as a result, OnlyFans benefitted because of their arrival hugely. Now, OnlyFans was gaining more users than ever and as a result, the popularity of OnlyFans grew more than ever. When you have big celebrities on your platform, you will draw attention from everyone and that is what happened.

Celebrities started to promote their upcoming projects on the platform and their hardcore fans joined in to see the exclusive content of their upcoming projects. It made the popularity of OnlyFans skyrocket and now you will see that more people know about OnlyFans than ever before. As a result, there was a huge buzz around everyone regarding OnlyFans.

Now, it is not like celebrities were not present on OnlyFans before the pandemic and lockdown and all those things happened. However, the number of celebrities present on OnlyFans was much smaller in comparison to now. So, if you love following celebrity accounts, then here are 12 accounts of famous celebrities that you have to follow if you are a fan of theirs. 

1.   Cardi B

When Cardi B joined OnlyFans, she was absolutely clear that her appearance on the platform is not just a cameo and she will be there on OnlyFans for a long time. Given her popularity outside OnlyFans and being a top pop star, Cardi B has become one of the top earners of the platform in literally no time. The pop star now makes nearly $8 million every month OnlyFans and with her popularity, things are looking much brighter for her on OnlyFans. 

Cardi B: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
iamcardib$4.99August 2020

2.   Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie launched her OnlyFans account and became one of the youngest celebrities on the platform. But, she did not take time in becoming one of the most popular celebrities on OnlyFans. She created her account just a week after her eighteenth birthday and within six hours, she made a million. She also created a post on Instagram with the receipt to celebrate her success on OnlyFans. One can only say that Bhad Bhabie is just getting started on OnlyFans and she can do something huge here just like Cardi B. 

Bhad Bhabie: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
bhadbhabie$24.99April 2021

3.   Putri Cinta

Putri Cinta is another wonderful OnlyFans account that you can follow. She is a very famous celebrity and you perhaps know her better from her nude works. You can rest assured Putri does post some of her exclusive content on OnlyFans just for her fans that you wouldn’t want to miss. She is amazing and the way she manages her OnlyFans account given her busy schedule shows how professional she is towards her fans. She never wants to let her fans down ever. 

Putri Cinta: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
putri_cinta$12.99May 2019

4.   Jordyn Woods

Without a doubt, Jordyn Woods is one of those celebrities that you would have to follow if you are on OnlyFans. Yes, some of her fans complain that her account constantly pushes Pay-per-View messages and some of those messages have content that is from her Instagram profile. However, by following Jordyn, you can rest assured you will get more up close and personal with the star. 

Jordyn Woods: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
jordynwoodsFreeOctober 2020

5.   Bella Thorne

Many people think that Bella Thorne started her OnlyFans account just to do some research for her role in a movie. However, within 24 hours of joining the platform, Bella made $1 million and made OnlyFans change one of their policies. If you follow her account, then you will know that most of her content is videos and selfies of the movie star. However, if you are a paid subscriber, you can find some NSFW content of Bella Thorne from her as well. 

Bella Thorne: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
bellathorneFreeAugust 2020

6.   Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is one of those celebrities known for perfection when it comes to providing content for her fans. Her finesse regarding her content is what makes her so attractive to her audience. That is why she is one of the highest earners on OnlyFans. She earns close to $20 million each month from the platform which is massive. And, you know what; you will find many of her risqué posts on OnlyFans. She is very active on the platform as well. 

Blac Chyna: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
blacchyna$19.99April 2020

7.   Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau is a famous social media personality of America with over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. Now, she is hot and you will agree on this for sure. Therefore, she is bound to capture your imagination when you find her account on a platform like OnlyFans where she is allowed to be naked and her caption also tells you that. Thus, if you are a fan of Tana, then you should definitely check out her profile because you will find many steamy things there as well. 

Tana Mongeau: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
tanamongeauFreeMay 2020

8.   Chris Brown

Since Chris Brown joined OnlyFans, he has been teasing his fans about posting NSFW content of his on the platform. The buzz of that also helped Chris in getting a large number of subscribers on OnlyFans. But, the reality is, Chris Brown is yet to post NSFW content on his OnlyFans account which left his fans and subscribers disappointed. But, he is very active on his OnlyFans and thus, you should never say never if you are a Chris Brown fan and want to check out his NSFW post. 

Chris Brown: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
chrisbrownofficial$20November 2020

9.   Trey Songz

Trey began his journey on OnlyFans in a more subdued way than other celebrities. He created his account in December 2020 but he started to gain popularity on his OnlyFans account two months after the launch when a sex tape controversy happen involving the RnB star. To be honest, Trey never denied or accepted the allegations but he did use this controversy as an opportunity to promote his OnlyFans account and people cramped in as subscribers to see more of such content. 

Trey Songz: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
treysongz$20December 2020

10.                 Rubi Rose

Rubi is one of those creators who doesn’t support posting explicit content on social media and that is why she also doesn’t post any NSFW content on OnlyFans. Even after that, she is in the one per cent of top earners in this platform which shows that people are ready to check her posts which are just like her Instagram posts even by paying her. She has over 8k subscribers but some of them are unhappy with her because she doesn’t post NSFW content on her OnlyFans account. 

Rubi Rose: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
rubixrose$14.99June 2020

11.                 Dj Khaled and Fat Joe

DJ Khaled uses this account to create his popularity and also, create an audience base on OnlyFans that are not only focused on NSFE content. He portrays his life in a simple way through his posts on OnlyFans and you will see Fat Joe making cameo appearances on the profile. If you are looking to find celebrities in a more candid way, then you will like account for sure. 

Dj Khaled and Fat Joe: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)

12.                 Amber Rose

Amber Rose is an out and out feminist and everyone knows that. She joined OnlyFans to spread body positivity and if you check out her content, you will only find positive vibes ever from her risqué content. You will be delighted to know that most of her posts on OnlyFans are NSFW content. 

Amber Rose: Profile Information
UsernameSubscription per MonthLaunched Month (approx.)
amberrose$5September 2020

The Bottom Line

Finally, these are some of the celebrities that you can follow on OnlyFans and enjoy their exclusive content. Some of them don’t post explicit content on the platform whereas others use OnlyFans just to share their explicit content with their fans. No matter what you think, following your favourite celebrities on OnlyFans will always be fun because you can always expect the unexpected from them at any time. 

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